The Rossellinis

BIOGRAPHY: Subtly assembled, minimalist praise of the goodness and beauty, intelligence and power of the female members of Roberto Rossellini’s families. [Director Alessandro Rossellini]

DocsBarcelona announces new educational resources, Learning By Docs

The new project from #DocsBarcelona, Learning By Docs, uses documentary films as a resource for learning for schools, high schools, and universities. After two years...

Doclisboa announces opening/closing session information for 2020 extended hybrid festival

The 2020 edition of #Doclisboa takes place across six sessions, over six months, with the first one taking place between 22 October - 1...

After initial postponement, Mallorca slow festival MajorDocs returns; full programme announced

After its initial postponement in March of this year due to the COVID-19 situation, Palma's (Mallorca) #MajorDocs will hold its second edition from September...

Ji.hlava IDFF announces special sections for its 24th edition

The 24th programme of Ji.hlava IDFF will offer classical and experimental documentary alongside a themed retrospective and off-competition sections. Here, Ji.hlava, running 27 October...

IDA & American University launch global industry survey seeking equity & funding data knowledge in documentary

The International Documentary Association and researchers at the Center for Media & Social Impact (American University, Washington DC), have asked international documentary professionals to...

Docaviv 2020: The complete winners

Docaviv has just announced the winners of its 2020 festival, the 22nd edition. Taking place in a hybrid format, beginning on 3 September through until...


You've Been Trumped Too

TRUMP: Anthony Baxter's film, delayed by years of legal action, finally secures a timely digital release as Donald Trump's bid for re-election looks increasingly shaky. [Director Anthony Baxter]


SOCIETY: Woman is the sequel to Yann Arthus-Bertrand's panoramic portrait of humanity, this time focusing on the female part of the world's population. [Director Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Anastasia Mikova]

Dark Suns

DRUG WAR: Trapped within an abjectly corrupt architecture of power, many Mexicans are subject to the collusion between organised crime and state institutions in a deadly concert of terror. [Director Julien Elie]

Dark Suns

DRUG WAR: A respectful and sensitive dedication Mexico’s dead and missing. [Director Julien Elie]

For Sama

SYRIA: A painful documentary infused with the occasional breath of poetry and beauty from Aleppo. [Director Waad al-Kateab, Edward Watts]

Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful

PHOTOGRAPHY: The controversial cult status of Helmut Newton, one of the great masters of photography, continues long after his 2004 death. [Director Gero Von Boehm]

Merry Christmas, Yiwu

GLOBALISATION: In a city where it is Christmas all year long, those that produce cheap and tacky seasonal decorations care little for Western traditions. [Director Mladen Kovačević]

Il Mio Corpo

IDENTITY: Thrown into a world to suffer similar refusals unite two young men, one Sicilian, the other Nigerian. [Director Michele Pennetta]

Holy Father

IDENTITY: Coming to terms with parenthood coincides with the quest for reconciliation with family. [Director Andrei Dăscălescu]

Hold Me Right

TRAUMA: The aftermath of sexual assault, its causes and effects, through intimate testimonies of survivors. [Director Danijela Stajnfeld]

The Delta of Bucharest

COMMUNISM: The extensive history of Bucharest's Văcăreşti Nature Park has endured many iterations, from monastery to prison to the world's largest urban Delta. [Director Eva Pervolovici]

Her Mothers

CONTROL: In increasingly authoritarian Hungary, two women face several hardships in their adoption of a young Roma child. [Director Asia Dér, Sári Haragonics]


CAPITALISM: The undercover work of Washington DC-based Environmental Investigation Agency shines a light into the murky and murderous world of illegal logging around the globe. [Director Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan, Michaela Kirst, Ebba Sinzinger]

Where are we going now?

VIEWS: Is globalisation an evil that should now be fought? No, it's more nuanced. We who have an international orientation look with fear at how international cooperation is now weakening with the pandemic.

Cannes Docs – Marché du Film & CPH:DOX on «Documentary Production now – and beyond!»

CANNES DOCS: Cannes Docs - Marché du Film & CPH:DOX provide the informative panel discussion «Documentary Production now - and beyond!»

What’s happening to our planet?

ECOLOGY: How a massively popular nature TV series can help the world

We are movie cameras, lucidly dreaming

BOOKS: Filmmaker and curator Pamela Cohn knows all about the medium’s gallant struggle for a cinematic language that is new, immediate, and accessible to the viewer.

Russia without Putin

RUSSIA: Putin will leave the Kremlin one day - but don't expect that to change things, argues Tony Wood in his well-researched thesis on power and continuity in today's Russia.

Filmmaking and real life

FILMMAKING: Tony Stark's practical and accessible guide to creating non-fiction content for television, online or social media.

On contemporary media ecology

MEDIA: A short but important book that everybody needs to read

The magic of documentary filmmaking

CINEMA: Some of the most talented documentary directors from around the world offer perspective on their approach to filmmaking.

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