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The Apology

IDA Awards

Marek Hovorka

Scared Very Scared


Leena Pasanen

Revolution and Power

Safe or sorry?

Teaching war

End of life

Faulty Figures

The Red Soul

Barbara Visser


One of Us

A Strange New Beauty


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Revolution now!

A German Life

The Final Year

20th Circuit Suspects

Taste Of Cement

The Age of Consequences.

A new hard-hitting documentary draws parallels between the climate crisis and worldwide social unrest.

Power To Change – The Energyrebellion

TRUE DEFINITION OF A REVOLUTION: It is imperative to rouse people to take control of the issue themselves – if we want Earth to survive, says Carl-A. Fechner.

Before The Flood

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio meets with scientists, activists and world leaders to discuss the dangers of climate change and possible solutions.


The insects we once regarded with disgust are now being touted as the solution to the world’s food shortages. Can insects really save the world?

THE SUBJECTION. Director and scriptwriter: Stefan Jarl

Why submit ourselves?  Stefan Jarl asks in the documentary The Subjection. Why do we accept a life surrounded by danger – unnecessary hazards, which exist because someone profits from them?

The Commune

«The Commune» takes on the recognition that local socialism is so very hard to achive.

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The Danger of Globalisation


Why Cash?

A loveless technology

Back To Utopia


The general and me

Searching for meaning in something as meaningless as the Vietnam War, will inevitably invoke poetry to make sense of it all.

The Other Side Of Everything

SERBIA: A locked door inside a Belgrade apartment has kept one family separated from their past for over 70 years.


DEMOCRACY: In this documentary, we meet both people who voted for the UK to leave and to remain in the EU, as well as experts like Noam Chomsky.

Kolyma: Road of Bones

RUSSIA: A reminder of the unaccounted pain the Stalinist regime has inflicted.

The Making of Justice

Vanhee shows us the power of engaging conversation, charged, by an equally engaging topic: a crime career.


With its dark and somewhat obvious portrayal of wealthy Austrians and Germans on a hunting safari in Africa, Ulrich Seidl’s new documentary suggests that the acclaimed filmmaker needs to start challenging himself.

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Sudan – a debate

What is the situation in today's SUDAN? Screening of The Longest Kiss (74min), followed by a panel debate with the Canadian director Alexandra Sicotte-Levesque and...


Here you can watch our last event in full-length online – about the dictatorship in Ethiopia, with video material disclosing suppression, land grabbing and...

Syria – Return to Homs [debate]

Filmmaker Orwa Nyrabia together with debattants in Oslo, regading the premiere of Return to Homs     Se film: Also: – Cecilie Hellestveit, senior adviser at ILPI – Middle East expert Kai...


Land Of The Free

Invasion | The Separate System | Where there is fire, there is smoke

ALTERNATIVE REALITY: The diffident return to key questions by the International Short Film Festival in Oberhausen.

No Place For Tears

One of the main parties fighting ISIS in Syria at the moment are the Kurdish militias, among whom are the Kurdish Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG) and the Women's Protection Units (YPJ).

A Campaign Of Their Own

The Latest US Election

Visual meditations

Thomas Østbye renews his gaze upon things and people.


Sophie Vukovic’s thought provoking and well-structured meditation on everyday experiences of teenagers growing up in a multi-cultural world of the XXI century, challenges the notions of a nationhood and its effects on forming the identity.

The Sirens

As I watched Crispin Gurholt’s film The Sirens for the first time, it struck me how fast the role play of political theatre may change.
The background for this interview were six, quite insistent, emails from the Israel Embassy in Norway, to end their Modern Times subscription, and have the remaining amount refunded. This led me to believe that the Embassy did not want to read the criticism directed at Israel in our columns. I wrote a Facebook comment about this; hinting at this totalitarian attitude, evident in completely ignoring all forms of criticism.

A talk with Joachim Trier

The Norwegian film director Joachim Trier

Mads Gilbert – On Gaza

The Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert talks about Gaza after returning from the last war.