FIPADOC closes 2023 Industry Days with award ceremony

    The programme of the fifth #FIPADOC Industry Days has come to a close with its award ceremony. Held between 23 - 26 January, on-site...

    On 80th anniversary, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival pays tribute to the city’s Holocaust victims

    80 years after first train bound for Auschwitz departed from #Thessaloniki, the 25th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival organizes a tribute in honour of the...
    ECOLOGY / Matter Out of Place (dir: Nikolaus Geyrhalter) Following waste across the planet and the endless struggle of people to gain control over it.
    CONFLICT / The Investigator (dir: Viktor Portel) A film set in the present, about the past, that points to the future...
    CLIMATE / Cobalt Rush: The Future of Going Green (dir: Arnaud Zajtman, …) The cost of going carbon neutral painted in the nightmare colours of cobalt blue.
    ARMENIA / Motherland (dir: Vic Gerami) Through an activist lens, Motherland focuses the world’s attention on the 2020 atrocities committed in Armenia's Artsakh Republic, formerly known as Nagorno – Karabakh.
    FIFDH kicks of 2023 Industry Days activities with day-long seminar
    FIPADOC welcomes Ukraine as 2023 Guest of Honour
    Sunny Side of the Doc reveals 2023 Global Pitch selections
    Applications now open for 2023 East Silver Market
    NAM / Ciné-Guerrillas: Scenes from the Labudović Reels (dir: Mila Turajlić) In a documentary diptych, Mila Turajlić examines the birth of the Non-Aligned Movement via an expansive unexplored archive of former Tito cameraman Stevan Labudović.
    FID MARSEILLE / Private Footage (dir: Janaína Nagata) Brazilian director Janaína Nagata makes contact with the past somewhere between affect and internet research in Private Footage.
    FID MARSEILLE / Fall (dir: Vadim Kostrov) The nostalgic (re)construction of Vadim Kostrov’s former Umwelt in the film Fall.
    PHOTOGRAPHY / Trained to See – Three Women and the War (dir: Luzia Schmid) Three women and a war seen through their eyes.
    RUSSIA / Holidays (dir: Antoine Cattin) The authoritarian stranglehold of the Kremlin closes in across national holidays in contemporary Russia.
    JOURNALISM / The Etilaat Roz (dir: Abbas Rezaie) Following the team behind the most widely circulated daily newspaper in Kabul as it is recaptured by the Taliban.
    DOCLISBOA / Aurora's Sunrise (dir: Inna Sahakyan) The true story of a young Armenian girl who, along with her family, had to endure the genocide that took place between 1915 and 1918.
    FALKLANDS WAR / Port Desire (dir: Juan Manuel Bugarín) You can take the soldier out of a war, but not the war out of the soldier.
    BIOGRAPHY / Merkel (dir: Eva Weber) One of the longest-serving German chancellors ever, Angela Merkel's eventful tenure as a woman in a bastion of masculinity made her an anchor for Europe.
    RACISM / Racist Trees (dir: Sara Newens, …) A row of tamarisk trees along a huge golf course in Palm Springs begs the question, can a tree be racist?
    DOCLISBOA / Death of a City (dir: João Rosas) The motif of the city of Lisbon and the process of its transformation.
    IRAN / Silent House (dir: Farnaz Jurabchian, …) The fortunes of three generations of an upper-middle-class Iranian family tracked across forty years of turbulent Iranian history.
    NEO-FASCISM / Fascinating fascism and seductive leaders Do many still have fascist yearnings today, or can one always blame seductive leaders? A closer dive into the 100-year-old Italian fascism and its descendants says something about the dangers we are likely to face.
    MEMOIR / Zarifa: A Woman's Battle in a Man's World (auth: Zarifa Ghafari, …)
    DOCUMENTARY / A Companion to Documentary Film History (auth: Joshua Malitsky [Editor])
    ENVIRONMENT / On the Emergence of an Ecological Class (auth: Bruno Latour, …)
    DISTRIBUTION / The Documentary Distribution Toolkit How to Get Out, Get Seen, and Get an Audience (auth: Rachel Gordon)
    FILMMAKING / The Uncertainty (auth: Mikael Opstrup)
    TECHNOLOGY / Stolen Focus: Why You Can't Pay Attention—and How to Think Deeply Again (auth: Johann Hari)
    TECH / The Circle of the Snake. Nostalgia and Utopia in the Age of Big Tech (auth: Grafton Tanner)
    SOCIETY / The Web of Meaning (auth: Jeremy Lent)
    JUSTICE / The Secret power: Why they want to destroy Julian Assange and WikiLeaks (Il potere segreto: Perché vogliono distruggere Julian Assange e WikiLeaks) (auth: Stefania Maurizi)
    EDITORIAL / Order in Chaos – Storytelling and Editing in Documentary Film (auth: Niels Pagh Andersen)
    TECHNOLOGY / The Enemy Knows the System (auth: Marta Peirano)
    HEALTHCARE / The Care Crisis (auth: Emma Dowling)
    GENRE / The Process Genre. Cinema and the Aesthetic of Labor (auth: Salomé Aguilera Skvirsky)
    GENDER / Good Wife, Wise Mother (auth: Anne-Stine Johnsbråten)
    ART / Conflictual Aesthetics: Artistic Activism and the Public Sphere (auth: Oliver Marchart)
    MEDIA / The Media Manifesto (auth: Justin Schlosberg, …)
    FIPADOC / «Starting the year in an inspiring location by the sea is the perfect setting for launching new ideas and making new connections» Industry Days Head of Coproduction Forum Ove Rishøj Jensen on the specifics of this year's edition, its role as the first festival of the year, and more.
    ENVIRONMENT / Volker Schlöndorff – Full of hope for Africa «It's about changing mindsets», says Volker Schlöndorff. Jokingly, the German veteran director refers to his new documentary on agronomist Tony Rinaudo's reforestation projects in Africa as propaganda.
    IDFA / «You can feel the confidence and lack of compromise in the filmmaking» Modern Times Review speaks head programmers Laura van Halsema and Joost Daamen on the breakdown of programming such a vast selection of films, how to maintain a balanced lineup, the reasoning behind its 2022 focus programmes, and more.
    MOVIES ON WAR / «We are a festival that tries to make a difference and to uncover injustice» Modern Times Review spoke with Festival Director Øystein Egge on the nature and mission of the festival, the importance of presenting a balanced programme, and, the highlight films throughout.
    IDFA / New Tech – Manufacturing the Truth?
    Filmmakers and artists weigh in on old and new technologies in documentary film and their ethical implications.
    UKRAINE / Festival Report: Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival 2022
    From Kyiv, Modern Times Review reports from the 2022 Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival.
    DOCLISBOA / Marked By Slowness
    This year’s edition of the Portuguese documentary film festival once again gave emerging film professionals from all over Europe the opportunity to showcase their short films in the section Green Years.
    UKRAINE / The road to war
    Two films screening at Norway's Movies on War Film Festival look at the lead-up to the February 24th Russian invasion of Ukraine.