Immortal [dir: Ksenia Okhapkina]

RUSSIA: Though the communist era may be over, the ideology of serving the motherland is still very much alive as an ideal for indoctrination.
kiri dalena

Looking at the Philippines today: survey and resistance

PHILIPPINES: A retrospective of Kiri Dalena’s works at Oberhausen 2019...

The big censor is inside

DOCSBARCELONA: In cinematography freedom plays the main part. For Audrius Stony, it is more i...
Extinction Rebellion_featured


ENVIRONMENT: Extinction Rebellion should be taken seriously....

Sakawa [dir: Ben Asamoah]

AFRICA: Sakawa uses beautiful portraiture to tell a story of Ghana’s enterprising young adults who hope to make a living by learning how to scam on the Internet.

Immortal [dir: Ksenia Okhapkina]

RUSSIA: The dreamlike beauty of Ksenia Okhapkina's concise film connects the subtle mechanisms of control in a former Gulag town.

Hysterical [dir: Paul Higbie and Seth Pompi]

COMEDY: Following two characters on the fringes of New York City's stand up circuit, Hysterical depicts personalities who may very well be more peculiar than their acts.

Ghost Fleet [dir: Sharon Service & Jeffrey Waldron]

ECOLOGY: The human cost of fishing in South East Asia

Kosher Beach [dir: Karin Kainer]

ISRAEL: A different kind of coexistence is happening on a beach, a bit off the beaten track in secular and pluralistic Tel Aviv.

Kabul, City in the Wind [dir: Aboozar Amini]

CONFLICT: In the capital of a country that only seems to get international attention when suicide bombs claims lives, director Aboozar Amini offers a fly on the wall glimpse into life as the locals live it.

The Sea of Shadows [dir: Richard Ladkani]

ECOLOGY: The making of this film is itself an integral part of a drama involving the Chinese mafia, Mexican fishermen pushed into crime, fearless activists, frightened policemen and a rare species of mini whales.

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Modern Times Review

Spring 2019

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About a War [dir: Daniele Rugo, Abi Weaver]

BEIRUT: About a War demonstrates how understanding our history can breed solace, solidarity, and progress in a society where the past is a taboo.

A human perspective

KRAKOW IFF: To open the viewer’s eye to problems and stories they never thought about.

Advocate [dir: Rachel Leah Jones, Philippe Bellaiche]

JUSTICE: For almost fifty years, Lea Tsemel has been at the forefront of the fight for justice and compassion for those lost and indefensible in society’s eye.
The Wind. A Documentary Thriller

The Wind. A Documentary Thriller [dir: Michał Bielawski]

NATURE: The coming of a mighty wind that can also steal your mind.

Wound/Diary of Cattle [dir: Arthur Sukiasyan, Lidia Afrilita, David Darmadi]

Visions du Réel: Occupying differing positions on the documentary spectrum, two shorts, Wound & Diary of Cattle, represent the adventurous approach of Nyon’s Visions du Réel.

And With a Smile, the Revolution! [dir: Alexandre Chartrand]

DEMOCRACY: With 80% of the Catalan population in favour of holding a mutually agreed referendum, the discussion is not who would win, but why is voting still not allowed?

The key point will be the distribution

DocsBarcelona: DocsBarcelona is growing. Festival director Joan Gonzàlez Herrero says that they also premiere a film in 90 venues every month.

They need to trigger emotion

Millennium Against Gravity: I am still waiting for a documentary version of House of Cards, s...

«Documentaries fill people’s need for featured reality»

DOK.fest München: MTR talks with the programmers at the DOK.fest München’s International ...

Getting closer to the heart of the truth

HOT DOCS: Documentary filmmakers are the last people standing, waving the flag for the truth ...


VISIONS DU RÉEL: Cinema of the real is not a sub-genre....

«The power of the Mafia is institutionalised»

MAFIA: Modern Times Review met the Italian photographer Letizia Battaglia in the Berli...
The age of platforms
(Sad by Design: On Platform Nihilism)
MEDIA: Analyzing contemporary social media practices likes fake news, Geert Lovink looks toward a possible end to «platform nihilism».
Adequate compensation for the loss?
(The Digital Plenitude: The Decline of Elite Culture and the Rise of New Media)
digital plentiture-bud-spencer
MEDIA: Author Jay David Bolter provides a comprehensive description of contemporary digital culture where digital technologies facilitate and shape the creation of many diverse communities of participation.
The New Left’s cinematic revolt
(Enduring Images: A Future History of New Left Cinema )
CINEMA: Morgan Adamson’s Enduring Images brings the revolutionary cinema of the 1960s alive and reminds us of the necessity of battling the ruling representations.
In Extremis: A story about bravery, talent and betrayal
( In Extremis: The Life and Death of the War Correspondent Marie Colvin )
WAR REPORTER: Marie Colvin covered all the main conflicts of our time, always with the same aim: not only to bear witness, but to bring action.