IDENTITY: Annexed by Russia after WWII, inhabitants of a picturesque Pacific island long for a better future while finding traces of its Japanese past. [Director Vladimir Kolzlov]

FestDocsNetwork announces new details on newly launched collaboration

FestDocsNetwork, the collaboration between #DocsBarcelona, #FIPADOC, #MakeDox and #DOK.fest München#, has released new information on the newly launched strategic collaboration. In establishing a bridge between...

Doclisboa unveils new, extended format for 2020 festival

The 18th #Docslisboa International Film Festival will take a very different form in 2020. Taking place in six different moments, between October 2020 and March...

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2020: The winners list

The 22nd Thessaloniki Documentary Festival moved online for 2020 and ran from 19 to 28 May. Below is the complete winners' list for this year's...

We Are One: A Global Film Festival – the complete documentary selections

We Are One: A Global Film Festival, the virtual film festival organized by the Tribeca Institute and Youtube, has announced its full programme. The...

Sarajevo Film Festival announces 2020 Docu Rough Cut Boutique projects

Sarajevo Film Festival and Balkan Documentary Center's Docu Rough Cut Boutique has recently announced their 2020 selections dedicated to documentary projects in the advanced...

IDFA launches new talent development programme, IDFA Project Space

To provide year-round support for #IDFA Alumni, the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam has launched IDFA Project Space, its new talent development programme. In offering creative...


Hey! Teachers!

EDUCATION: Education takes on an entirely new meaning when two idealistic young city slickers take up teaching jobs in a provincial Russian town. [Director Yulia Vishnevets]

Films that can be streamed from our partners (click tag to see more)



SOCIETY: Woman is the sequel to Yann Arthus-Bertrand's panoramic portrait of humanity, this time focusing on the female part of the world's population. [Director Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Anastasia Mikova]

For Sama

SYRIA: A painful documentary infused with the occasional breath of poetry and beauty from Aleppo. [Director Waad al-Kateab, Edward Watts]

Varda by Agnès

AUTOBIOGRAPHY: At 90, French New Wave pioneer Agnès Varda reflects on her career and a creative philosophy of community and empathy. [Director Agnès Varda]

What You Gonna Do When the World's On Fire?

BLACK AMERICA: Robert Minervini’s new documentary examines a community of disenfranchised people in New Orleans and their struggle for survival in a country that seems to have forsaken them. [Director Roberto Minervini]

Cinema Futures

DIGITALISATION: Cinema Futures is both a poetic farewell to a disappearing medium and a complex analysis of the mixed aspects of digital revolution. [Director Michael Palm]

Becoming Animal

ECOLOGY: A magnificent documentary about the natural origins of what we consider to be man-made and the connection between man and nature. [Director Peter Mettler, Emma Davie]

An Ordinary Country

COMMUNISM: The banality of evil in communist-era Poland explored through archive footage of secret police audio and film recordings. [Director Tomasz Wolski]


COLONIALISM: Almost 500 years after the Spanish Conquest, a ghostly figure merges history and the present reflecting on the legacy of colonialism. [Director Rodrigo Reyes]

The Booksellers

NOSTALGIA: Both a celebration of book culture and serious exploration of its future, The Booksellers peers into a small but fascinating world. [Director D.W. Young]

Slow News

JOURNALISM: When democracy bases start to vanish. [Director Alberto Puliafito]

Finding Courage

CONTROL: A chilling glimpse into the murderous reality of China's suppression of meditation movement Falun Gong. [Director Kay Rubacek]

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

PERCEPTION: Nyon´s Vision du Réel takes a look into the world of beauty competitions in the social media age. [Director Sacha Schöberl]

A Machine To Live In

URBANISM: Cosmic utopianism set within the space-age city of Brasília. [Director Yoni Goldstein, Meredith Zielke]

Punta Sacra

IDENTITY: An inside view of togetherness [Director Francesca Mazzoleni]

The Atom: A Love Affair

NUCLEAR: Tracing the history and complex social and political forces that have fueled the conversation around nuclear power. [Director Vicki Lesley]

Qiang's Journey

IDENTITY: After a powerful earthquake displaces them, China's Qiang ethnic minority search for gods, spirits and ancestry in their new and old homes. [Director Tunzi Gao]

We are movie cameras, lucidly dreaming

BOOKS: Filmmaker and curator Pamela Cohn knows all about the medium’s gallant struggle for a cinematic language that is new, immediate, and accessible to the viewer.

Docudays UA’s Digital DOCU/CLASS: «Force majeure has happened – and it’s global. How will festival policies change now?»

INDUSTRY A collection of documentary industry veterans discuss a topic that has been on the minds of many of us: In this new era, how will festival policies change?

Postscript: the new virtual normal, covering a film festival during COVID-19

VIEWS: In the new COVID-19 reality, the virtual film festival has become the new normal.

Permanent state of emergency?

Coronavirus: Are the European authorities truthful about how long the measures will last? Can you lock up a population for 12-18 months before a vaccine is developed?

Waxing Poetic

PROFILE: Theodore Ushev’s ‘The Physics of Sorrow’

About white men and machines

AI: Recent developments in the field of intelligent machines clearly demand a reflection. The latest book by Arthur I. Miller is dedicated to this, but it only partially fulfills its promise.

Conversations behind the movie camera

CINEMA: Through long-form conversations, Pamela Cohn offers a global collection of discussions on film and video as an essential medium for conveying the world's most urgent concerns.

Promoting social connection

MEDIA: Hacked Transmissions is a timely analysis of the capacity of media to foster social connection.

Four measures against the use-and-throw culture

CONSUMPTION: Keucheyan does not want authoritarian Marxism where the bureaucracy decides what its citizens need.

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