Report: Baltic Sea Docs 2023

BALTIC SEA DOCS: Modern Times Review looks back at the panels, screenings, and presentations that made up the 2023 Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries.

Before the fall

RUSSIA How Yevgeny Prigozhin's mercenary army, Wagner, grew to become a major tool in Russian foreign policy – murdering its way across Africa and Ukraine.

Space oddity

SCIENCE: Unraveling NASA's mission to Mars and the psychological toll it entails in a poignant reflection on space travel and human spirit.

Dead humans are also humans

DEATH: When the Mediterranean rejects the nameless, who restores their dignity?

Between Revolutions: «I am more fascinated by the archival material than the present»

REVOLUTION: We joined film director Vlad Petri under a fig tree in Skopje as he reflects on the stories of women's resilience and revolution in his film Between Revolutions.

Dark days revisited

SYRIA: Former ISIS hostage Marc Marginedas returns to Raqqa to confront the ghosts of his past.

Becoming god

SCIENCE: The rise and fall of a scientist at the heart of a genetic revolution and the controversies it unleashed.

The Kremlin’s unseen war

JOURNALISM: Putin's war on independent journalism as experienced by Novaya Gazeta and its Nobel-prize winning editor, Dmitry Muratov.

Living with floods and garbage

CLIMATE: Once more, the formidable Brahmaputra river is on the ascent. Amidst a vanishing mud island, Afrin, a 12-year-old orphan, readies herself to depart from the sole realm she's ever been acquainted with.

Paradise lost

INDIGENOUS: Contacting the last remaining completely isolated indigenous tribes of the Amazon.

Love for life

HEALTH: Resilience, acceptance, and the intertwining of mind and body.

Requiem for a lost industrial existence

CAPITALISM: A paradigmatic story of Croatia, and all other Eastern European transition countries.

Innocence has died

ISRAEL: Militarisation and its impact on young Israelis forced to serve against their own identity and values.

Report: B2B Doc Documentary Industry Days 2023

B2B Doc: Modern Times Review looks back at the week of panels and presentations that made up the 2023 B2B Doc Documentary Industry Days programme.

Chile 76: The aftermath of a broken mirror

GEOPOLITICS: Delving deep into the murky world of geopolitical machinations where, from Iran to Chile, the US/UK influence cannot be understated.

Utopias of community

FUTURE: Are we progressing towards an international society that looks after those left out of the conventional job market – and, with wisdom, transitions today's military industry towards civilian duties? It's conceivable that the new BRICS might pave a path away from today's Western ideology.

Report: Sarajevo Film Festival 2023

SARAJEVO FF: Modern Times Review wraps up the 2023 Sarajevo Film Festival with our report on its doc selections, CineLink Industry Days, and more.

Towards a greener future at Evia

EVIA FILM PROJECT: Back with its second edition, The Evia Film Project aims to help the Greek island's recovery from the devastating wildfires and to be an international hub for sustainable film production.

No justice, no peace: A Day, 365 Hours and The Silence of Reason

TRAUMA: Two Sarajevo Film Festival-premiered films take a justice-seeking women's journey, revealing the resilience of rape survivors.
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«A great variety of styles allows us to reflect on the current state of documentary»

BALTIC SEA DOCS: Modern Times Review speaks with Project Manager Zane Balčus on its history, the current trends in documentaries from the Baltic region, and the role the BSD plays within the wider European documentary landscape.

When it’s about life

REFUGEES: In Sicily, we meet Morgan Lescot on the rescue ship Ocean Viking for a conversation about boat refugees, challenges, and Europe's responsibility. Is this a tragedy that will only continue to increase?

«I relish being a stranger in a strange land»

MDOC: Modern Times Review spoke with photographer and filmmaker Maythem Ridha on his experiences as an Iraqi in the UK, journey to film and photography, favourite Middle Eastern films, and more.