Máxima [dir: Claudia Sparrow]

Le fond de l'air-anxiety-MTR-featured

Le fond de l’air [dir: Simon Beaulieu]

SOCIETY: Simon Beaulieu's untraditional film seeks to convey the multitude of anxieties exper...

Earth [dir: Nikolaus Geyrhalter]

ECOLOGY: Have we lost nature?...

Who is Afraid of Ideology? [dir: Marwa Arsanios]

ECO-FEMINISM: Nature is the best source for strength and survival in a war-torn part of the w...
That Which Does Not Kill-documentary-MTR-featured

That Which Does Not Kill [dir: Alexe Poukine]

TRAUMA: A certain kind of trauma more common than we’re willing to admit...

Land Mine [dir: Tirtza Even]

ISRAEL: An apartment building in Jerusalem exposes the repressive and damaging manifestations...
overseas-message to man-featured

Silent cries and a money-driven welfare system

CAPITALISM: Midnight Family and Overseas show two very different kinds of u...


Radio Silence

MEXICO: The incorruptible journalist, Carmen Aristegui is one of the few voices in Mexico with the courage to consistently speak the truth [director: Juliana Fanjul]

State Funeral

STALIN: Loznitsa's new film has several levels of gazes that organizes what the audience sees. A timely warning. [director: Sergei Loznitsa]

Toni Morrison

BIOGRAPHY: A dense journey encompassing the life on Toni Morrison and her place in history. [director: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders]


POETIC: The film silently observes the boys who dream of reaching the European shores, painting a picture of their ordeal amid the lingering crisis. [director: Alejandro Gonzalez Salgado]

A Tiny Country/Labyrinth

DOCLISBOA: From the renowned Portugese festival's most fertile patch of talent, two short films focus on politically engaged male residents of bustling European capitals. [director: Pauline Laplace, Oktay Namazov]
Tan Pin Pin-Dok Leipzig-interview-featured

The space she lives in

DOK Leipzig: The Singaporean filmmaker Tan Pin Pin is holding a masterclass as part of her ex...
MTR-interview-ji.hlava programme director-petr kubica

«I expect the best documentaries to have the same impact as...

Ji.hlava: Modern Times Review speaks with Ji.hlava’s Programme Director, Petr Kubica....
MakeDox-2019-Petra Seliskar

«It is freedom of speech put in practice»

MAKEDOX: On a mission to share and promote creative documentary films and art, MakeDox celebr...

Dokufest brings the world to Kosovo

DOKUFEST: For a small nation bereft of the right to travel, a documentary festival is a way t...
kiri dalena-interiew

A midnight meeting with Kiri Dalena

OBERHAUSEN From Oberhausen 2019, we speak with The Philippines Kiri Dalena...

Nothing To Be Afraid Of

CONFLICT: 5 female de-miners look to clear the land of danger in the still disputed territory after the war in Nagorno-Karabakh [director: Silva Khnkanosian]


CONFLICT: Following one South Korean recruits' journey of mandatory service reveals how an individual is shaped into being part of a collective identity. [director: Kelvin Kyung Kun Park]

On the tragic mafia

VENICE: The mafia and corruption have been the topics of several films at the 2019 Venice Film Festival, but why are so many people attracted to power, even if it is so notoriously corrupting?

Photographer of War

WAR REPORTER: Living a life in a state of emergency, renowned war photographer Jan Grarup's work has taken him to conflict zones around the world, from Darfur to Mosul. [director: Boris B Bertram]


CONTROL: The determination of a community that comes together in the name of justice. [director: Lucy Parker]

Dollar Heroes

NORTH KOREA: Why do UN sanctions fail to eradicate North Korea’s exploitative operations? [director: Carl Gierstorfer, Sebastian Weis]

Our Defeats

ACTIVISM: A humiliating police encounter instills a newfound attitude of dissent toward state control for a group of Parisian high school students. [director: Jean-Gabriel Périot]

The Panama Papers

CORRUPTION: Alex Winter's behind-the-scenes story of how an international consortium of journalists broke the story of the Panama Papers plays like a compulsive thriller. [director: Alex Winter]

The Ebb Tide

ECOLOGY: Director Renu Savant gives us the opportunity to see the ancestral, small-fishing methods of the men of Mirya on the west coast of India. [director: Renu Savant]

The Great Green Wall

CLIMATE CHANGE: Malian musician Inna Modja takes an epic journey down Africa's ambitious Great Green Wall project where 8,000km wall of trees is to stretch across the entire continent. [director: Jared P Scott]

The Book of the Sea

CLIMATE: Enriched with animated segments depicting the legends and culture of the Inuit and Chukchi people, The Book of the Sea reveals a side of Russia rarely seen. [director: Aleksei Vakhrushev]

The Sea of Shadows

ECOLOGY: The making of this film is itself an integral part of a drama involving the Chinese mafia, Mexican fishermen pushed into crime, fearless activists, frightened policemen and a rare species of mini whales. [director: Richard Ladkani]

A lifetime in film

IDFA: What can we say about the 2019 IDFA choice of Jørgen Leth (82) and Patricio Guzmán (78) for «Lifetime Achievement Award» and «Guest of Honor» respectively?

Ghandi’s method

PHILOSOPHY: Can traditions of brotherhood, friendship, and solidarity still be established amongst today's majorities?

The new uprising

EDITORIAL: Fearing increasing control and surveillance, Hong Kong's liberal population has experienced the growing presence of Communist China.

How We See: Photobooks by Women

PHOTOGRAPHY: A global range of 21st-century photobooks by female photographers. [author: Russet Lederman, Olga Yatskevich, Michael Lang]

Where Truth Lies: Digital Culture and Documentary Media after 9/11

TRUTH: A new book on documentary practices post-9/11 begins with an often-repeated (idealistic) blaming of the media for the election of Trump, but develops into a complex analysis of how digital culture shapes our political realities [author: Kris Fallon]

Permanent Record

CONTROL: In his memoir, Edward Snowden reveals how he helped build the mass surveillance system and what his motivations were to bring it down [author: Edward Snowden]


MEDIA: Feeding the imagination, desires, and emotions of increasingly mobile and displaced lives, transnational media landscapes take shape. [author: Ivan Bargna]