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    DRUGS: The Crime of the Century (dir: Alex Gibney) From Big Pharma to Big Government, Alex Gibney explores the causes of the American opioid epidemic.
    SURVEILLANCE: All Light, Everywhere (dir: Theo Anthony) In the new golden age of surveillance, the blind spots are all around us.
    JOURNALISM: Writing With Fire (dir: Sushmit Ghosh, …) In a saturated media landscape dominated by men, India’s only newspaper run by Dalit women redefines what it means to be powerful.
    CONFLICT: Soldiers (dir: Willem Konrad, …) As Germany switches its military apparatus more akin to the USA, it is those without opportunity and means frequently finding themselves on the frontlines.
    CONTROL: Heimatkunde - The Lasting Formation (dir: Christian Bäucker) Years after its fall, the remains of the GDR socialist education are pasted over, hidden, and forgotten.
    CONFLICT: Bad Nazi. Good Nazi (dir: Chanoch Ze'evi) The story of the Nazi officer responsible for saving Jews and Poles alike elicits a passionate debate and reflection in his German hometown
    ART: The Art of Inconsequentiality (dir: Jakob Brossmann, …) For the sake of our planet, how can society stimulate a counter narrative to hyper productivity?
    MIGRANTS: Arada (dir: Jonas Schaffter) Three Swiss deportees of Turkish descent must find their way in a land that is no longer home.
    MIGRANTS: The Last Shelter (dir: Ousmane Samassekou) The CPH:DOX winning documentary whispers migrant dreams and nightmares on the edge of the Sahara.
    AGEING: It Is Not Over Yet (dir: Louise Detlefsen) Inspired by the methods of Florence Nightingale, nurse May Bjerre Eiby looks to shift the way people with dementia are treated in the Danish healthcare system.
    FIPADOC returns to cinemas with special a Spring session After having promised a physical edition by the end of 2021 Spring, #FIPADOC is now set to return to cinemas. Having been split due...
    DAFilms to host Roberto Minervini retrospective with live chat Visually immersive imagery and scenes from the dark side of modern-day America are what characterise the work by award-winning Italian filmmaker #Roberto Minervini#, who...
    Thessaloniki Documentary Festival presents full Greek selections for 23rd festival 72 short and feature Greek documentaries will be screened in the 23rd Thessaloniki Documentary Festival. The festival will will take place both in open-air...
    DocAviv announces Israeli titles for 23rd festival edition, in cinemas and online The 23rd edition of #Docaviv returns to Tel Aviv from July 1 to 10, 2021. The #Academy Award# qualifying documentary festival is set to screen...
    CPH:DOX 2021: The complete winners The winners of CPH:DOX 2021 six international competitions at CPH:DOX have announced with the Dox:Award going to Ousmane Samassekou's The Last Shelter. Besides the main...
    DOK.fest München announces full programme for 2021 @home edition The second edition of the all online DOK.fest München @home has just announced its full programme. From 5 to 23 May, 131 films representing...
    SOCIETY: The Mole Agent (dir: Maite Alberdi)
    Maite Alberdi's film cleverly touches on a delicate theme and invites us with compassion and tenderness to reflect on isolation, the rigours of patriarchal society, and the organisation of work and family.
    CONTROL: Her Mothers (dir: Asia Dér, …)
    In increasingly authoritarian Hungary, two women face several hardships in their adoption of a young Roma child.
    JOURNALISM: Slow News (dir: Alberto Puliafito)
    When democracy bases start to vanish.
    SOCIETY: Woman (dir: Yann Arthus-Bertrand, …)
    Woman is the sequel to Yann Arthus-Bertrand's panoramic portrait of humanity, this time focusing on the female part of the world's population.
    CPH:DOX: Change Makers: important topics, varying quality The non-competitive «Change Makers» section presented critical works provoking a wave of necessary discussions in society.
    DOK.REVUE: Behold, if the river is turbulent he is not frightened Olaf Möller remembers Karel Vachek, who died in December 2020 at the age of 80
    DOK.REVUE: Shooting about Kundera Documentarian Miloslav Šmídmajer describes the process of making a documentary about Milan Kundera with the working title Milan Kundera: From the Joke to Insignificance.
    MEDIA: A painful scandal about reality representation Elke Lehrenkrauss' film Lovemobil has caused a chain of vibrant reactions in Germany's media.
    FEMINISM: As I Want (dir: Samaher Alqadi) Following a string of sexual assaults, As I Want documents a burgeoning women’s rebellion.
    DISSENT: The Colonel’s Stray Dogs (dir: Khalid Shamis) Undying patriotism in the face of a country that no longer needs you.
    TRAVEL: Magaluf Ghost Town (dir: Miguel Ángel Blanca) An idiosyncratic look at the «best and worst place on earth»
    HISTORY: War and Peace (dir: Martina Parenti & Massimo D'Anolfi) Ever since they met in 1911, the moving image and war have had a contentious relationship
    SYRIA: The Other Side of the River (dir: Antonia Kilian) After aiding in her region’s liberation from ISIS, 19-year old Hala must now do the same for her sisters arranged marriages.
    COVID-19: Io Resto (dir: Michele Aiello) During the worst moments of our collective tragedy, healthcare staff and patients unite in the face of the unknown.
    CONFLICT: Bellum – The Daemon of War (dir: David Herdies, …) The advent of artificial intelligence and digitalisation of weapons has shifted traditional battlefields into remote operations in the name of wartime «progress».
    CLIMATE: 70/30 (dir: Phie Ambo) The CPH:DOX opening film portrays how young Danish activists are fighting for a greener future.
    REFUGEES: Little Palestine (Diary of a Siege) (dir: Abdallah Al Khatib) Gradually cut off, the civilians of the world’s largest Palestinian refugee camp organise themselves to resist starvation and despair.
    CONTROL: 1970 (dir: Tomasz Wolski) In Communist Poland, revolt intensifies as workers strike over food price increases while tension builds in the dignitaries’ offices.
    GENRE: The Process Genre. Cinema and the Aesthetic of Labor (auth: Salomé Aguilera Skvirsky) In a deliciously written book, Salomé Aguilera Skvirsky delineates, dissects, and names a visual genre we are all familiar with but have not yet learned to appreciate its full potential and implications.
    GENDER: Good Wife, Wise Mother (auth: Anne-Stine Johnsbråten) An exclusive insight into the different roles Japanese women play in society.
    ART: Conflictual Aesthetics: Artistic Activism and the Public Sphere (auth: Oliver Marchart) Though many of today's patrons use art as a giant advertising pillar, what can art still do when politicians lie?
    MEDIA: The Media Manifesto (auth: Justin Schlosberg, …) Profiling, information control, behavior-regulating nudges and the sale of personal data should prove to be the reality, rather than the realisation of the internet as a publicist network.
    LATE MODERNITY: The Uncontrollability of the World (auth: Hartmut Rosa) People today are gaining more and more control over their surroundings – but are losing touch with the world. Where is the limit for measurements, quality assurances, quantifications and bureaucratic routines?
    COVID-19: Everything Must Change!: The World after Covid-19 (auth: Renata Avila, …) A gathering of influential voices from around the world to weigh in on the progressive possibilities in the wake of COVID-19.
    DOK.REVUE: Women on Women (auth: Barbora Baronová) A reflection on women documentarians inspired by Barbora Baronová’s book Women on Women.
    SOCIAL CHANGE: Story Movements: How Documentaries Empower People and Inspire Social Change (auth: Caty Borum Chattoo) Essential reading for all who want to better understand what makes our time the documentary golden age
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