Chiledoc Berlinale 2024

A role model

ACTIVISM: Masih Alinejad, Nobel nominee, voices Iran's silenced through social and global media.

The meaning of war

UKRAINE: Abel Ferrara's idiosyncratic take on the war in Ukraine melds poetic performances by Patti Smith with the experience of people at war.

Are we being fooled by IKEA’s promise of a greener future?

CAPITALISM: Ikea, consuming a tree per second, acquires vast lands globally, endangering ecosystems and becoming the forest's most formidable foe.

Reverberations through time and space

PALESTINE: Four generations of Palestinian women take us on a journey through family, war, memory and identity.

Jazz hands

GEOPOLITICS: How jazz music played a role in political manoeuvres during the Cold War.

The perilous path of exposing corruption

IRAN: Examining Iran's lack of free media and the risks faced by those, like Roohallah Zam, who dare to challenge the clerical elite's authority.

The cost of progress

POLLUTION: An exploration of the inextricable link between breathtaking natural beauty and ecological and health disaster, as much as that of life and death, in a Sicilian contested petrochemical plant.

Opposite poles

SCIENCE: The scientific and the natural combine to construct a contemporary portrait of a contradictory reality in the Catalan countryside and help us rethink our relationship with these seemingly antithetical worlds.

Could Taiwan be the next Ukraine?

TAIWAN: The democratic spirit of Taiwan and its complex relationship with its powerful neighbour.

The enigma of consciousness

SCIENCE: Dive into Theater of Thought, where Werner Herzog navigates the complex world of brain science, revealing its multidimensional challenges and the profound implications for humanity's future.

Keeping the idea of justice alive

RUSSIA: The Russian lawyers defending prisoners of conscience, who face persecution in Putin's regime for upholding justice and human rights.

Grief in close-up

WAR: A loving reconstruction of a war hero's human aura as a counterpoint to mere martyrdom and anonymous statistics.

The media and Corbyn

POLITICS: What was the biggest obstacle for Jeremy Corbyn, as he was close to winning the elections – becoming the prime minister of Britain today? A smear campaign and stamps as ‘the stooge of Russia’ or ‘antisemite’?

«You may end up with the only peace – being the peace of the graveyard.»

INTERVIEW: We are talking with the previous Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, the man who could have been prime minister in Britain, about current issues – like military build-up, Ukraine, Israel, climate justice and labour, security, democracy, citizen assemblies, and not least of all, hope for the future.

When violence becomes the only way

POWER: According to Hannah Arendt, the use of violence, weapons, and bombs renders us politically voiceless. Can her particular analyses of power teach us anything about the violence being perpetrated from and in Gaza today?

It is time for festivals to endorse a BRAVE space over a SAFE one

IDFA: What is this obsession with creating a «safe space» for upcoming film festivals that is now circulating on social media? Who is scaring the world's institutions to speak up?

Exploring cinematic reflections of crisis: documentary on the march

CINEMA: More prescient than ever, Doclisboa's «Documentary on the March» retrospective provide a blueprint for today's documentaries for social change.

Human Conditionals: The Girl Who Looked in the Mirror of the World

PHOTOGRAPHY: Uncover the compelling photography from the 2023 cycle of the Prix Pictet award, focusing on the theme «Human.»

Real bodies, fake bodies: the dichotomy of female objectification

GENDER EQUALITY: From Kurdish villages to college campuses, gender-based abuse knows no boundaries.
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Chiledoc Berlinale 2024
Chiledoc Berlinale 2024
Chiledoc Berlinale 2024

Hip-hop’s half-century: from bronx streets to global beats

INTERVIEW: Porto/Post/Doc and curator Guille de Juan celebrates hip-hop's transformative five decades.

Combatting Digital Violence: A Conversation with HateAid

DIGITAL VIOLENCE: With a Human Rights Film Festival Berlin workshop on Navigating Digital Aggression for Journalists and Filmmakers, Modern Times Review speaks with representatives of Germany's HateAid - the organisation combatting digital violence.

What would you do if you didn’t have to work?

FUTURE: Renowned filmmaker Erik Gandini talks to Modern Times Review about the meaning a society based intensively towards work. But also more existential questions like Basic Salary, individualism – and interdependence as a way forward.