«Digital images of war and violence surround us, which can desensitise us and impact our future vision»

DOCUDAYS UA: Program Director Yuliia Kovalenko on the current situation in Kyiv, the necessary adjustments to programming a festival during wartime, the role of Program Director amongst the wider team, and more.

The first signs of war

UKRAINE: A compellingly grim account of the country's descent into war.

Filming the right-wing with ‘an open heart’

HOMOPHOBIA: Polish Prayers unravels the trajectory of a young Pole as he journeys away from the homophonic, ultra-conservative Brotherhood

Growing up under the approaching storm clouds of war

UKRAINE: The lives of ordinary teenagers in Ukraine's Donbas region as they navigate adolescence, dreams, and the devastating impact of conflict on their futures.

A frozen art for futile times

ART: With the slogan ethics before aesthetics, a group of Serbian artists collectively looked to draw attention to the negative social trends of the time.

Where civilisation began

NATURE: Embark on an awe-inspiring journey through space and time while honouring the majesty and fragility of our planet's waterways.

Coming of age in times of war

UKRAINE: An achingly tender film about growing up and a moving contemplation on life itself.

Joyce Carol Oates: «I write about people»

BIOGRAPHY: An unprecedented access to the prolific American writer's solitude.

A lifetime prison hidden in the center of the free world

HUMAN RIGHTS: The struggles of 2.5 million people growing up in a country that does not recognize them as its own.

The quest for awareness

LIFE: A unique and personal cinematic exploration of the flow of rivers and lives, including the passing of his parents and global questions.

Who still remembers Zimmerwald?

HISTORY: The sleepy village that didn't want to be a part of world history.

Armed with a pen

SYRIA: A female cartoonist's courageous, spirited view of suffering in war-torn Idlib.

The limits of documentation

ENVIRONMENT: In a small village in southern Spain, where modernity and tradition coexist, a study investigates the interconnection between humans and animals.

Totalitarianism then and now

IDEOLOGY: A disintegrated society finds unity, energy, and meaning by uniting around a suitable' enemy'. Totalitarian propaganda has led to the decision to allow Ukraine to use F-16 fighter jets against the nuclear power Russia - with the significant consequences it may entail.

The case of Dominic Ongwen

It is certainly refreshing when invited speakers at a film talk are unafraid to venture into contested waters well beyond the bounds of a...

ChatGPT – an impersonal paradigm shift?

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Is it only now that, with new technology such as ChatGPT, individualism is about to change?

The caricature and the role of satire in information warfare

VISUALS: Graphic satire has become a weapon. The first "caricature war" emerged between Protestants and Catholics. Caricature also revolve around Ukraine and Russia, boosting morale within one's own ranks by ridiculing the enemy using all possible means and stereotypes, while glorifying one's own side.

Green electricity from Africa

NAMINIA: Dependence on Russian gas, Putin's war of aggression in Ukraine, and provoked supply crises have put energy at the center of European politics. But in Namibia, the plan is now to focus on 'green' electricity where seawater is desalinated and produces hydrogen through electrolysis.

The advantages and disadvantages of plastic

ECOLOGY: On the one hand, plastic replaces more polluting building materials. On the other, we have enormous amounts of plastic waste - 7 billion tonnes of plastic as of today.
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«I want films that tackle important global issues but are executed masterfully and feature charismatic characters»

KRAKOW FILM FESTIVAL: Festival Director Krzystof Gierat on the role of the festival in the crowded continental landscape, the evolution of Polish documentary, and its continued focus on music documentaries.

«Beldocs is a chance for them to see something different, perhaps something unlike anything they’ve ever seen»

BELDOCS: Festival Curator Igor Stanojević on the Belgrade-based documentary festival's 2023 edition.

«Powerful documentaries about hot news topics stand alongside psychedelic Hungarian and Estonian animation»

goEast: Exploring the role of the festival among the crowded continental documentary landscape, insights into what it has on offer, and more.