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Artificial Intelligence-proof jobs

Apparently, the machines are coming for our jobs.

The Common Man’s Party

Media criticism. Indian documentary An Insignificant Man is an interesting example of how a political movement can begin and achieve authority.

Alarming but hopeful future of the planet Earth

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio meets with scientists, activists and world leaders to discuss the dangers of climate change and possible solutions.

The artist’s talking head

World Premiere in Leipzig: A documentary positioned in the crossfire between a semen-squirting penis and milk-spouting breasts.

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PETER GREENAWAY: How many nuclear bombs will Earth endure?

VISIONS DU REEL 2016: We live in a world in which large numbers of nuclear weapons are ready to launch. But what does a film artist such as Peter Greenaway have to say about this?

In the waiting room of martyrdom

EURODOK: Two young men are waiting to be called to action as suicide bombers in Syria. Pål Refsdal’s recent documentary depicts a surprisingly intimate portrait.


Veteran filmmaker Joan Churchill was the recipient of this year’s Outstanding Achievements in Documentary Filmmaking Award at Camerimage, Poland’s prestigious International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography.


Like a band of filmic pirates, the Sensory Lab plunders what they need from documentary to create something fresh. These are musings arisen from discussions with Lucian Castaing -Taylor and works from the lab.

THE LEIPZIG NETWORKING DAYS: A conversation starter

The idea of men being protagonists in a women’s rights story had solicited both extreme enthusiasm for freshness and a call for caution