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Syria’s Dissappeared:The Case Against Assad

SYRIA: Syria’s Dissappeared should be mandatory viewing for all of those concerned about human rights or the Middle East.

My Wonderful West Berlin

LGTB: Only the anarchists at the left-wing supported them. Yet it was capitalism that liberated them. The gay movement never became part of labor's struggle.

One of Us

USA: A thriller where the stakes are high and very, very real.

Revolution now!

The period of waiting is over: The world calls for an uprising.

Toward a Common Tenderness

A suggestive, abstract tribute to the golden age of avant-garde film pulls me right in. A hypnotic soundscape in the form of Japanese children’s singing, piano and a narrative voice. But then...

A Strange New Beauty

Shelly Silver seems to totally lack humility in terms of the relevance and sustainability of her own project. She takes up space and time with an unusual self-esteem that oozes Reputable Art Filmmaker.


Machines depicts the inner world of a textile factory in Gujarat, India. Men work among gigantic machinery to produce brightly coloured fabrics. The film strongly echoes the work of late Austrian director Michael Glawogger.

The Trial: The State of Russia vs Oleg Sentsov

RUSSIA: The philosopher Žižek defined this particular form of power, as the “immanent cynicism of power”. It developed during the communist regime.

The general and me

Searching for meaning in something as meaningless as the Vietnam War, will inevitably invoke poetry to make sense of it all.

Golden Dawn Girls

GREECE, GOLDEN DAWN : In this documentary we follow three of the women at the top of Golden Dawn, the notorious Greek extreme right-wing party.