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Andrey Tarkovsky-documentary-featured

Andrey Tarkovsky. A Cinema Prayer

CINEMA: Reflecting on the destiny of art and the meaning of existence, Andrey Tarkovsky tells the story of his life and work. [Director Andrey A. Tarkovsky]

The Journey – A Story of Love

HEALTH: A deeply intimate film, telling the story of a life together that has weathered all crises. [Director Fanny Bräuning]
dark suns-documentary-featured

Dark Suns

DRUG WAR: Trapped within an abjectly corrupt architecture of power, many Mexicans are subject to the collusion between organised crime and state institutions in a deadly concert of terror. [Director Julien Elie]

Getting closer to the heart of the truth

HOT DOCS: Documentary filmmakers are the last people standing, waving the flag for the truth and facts.»  – Shane Smith, Programme Director at Hot Docs.

Media Partnership

Since 2017, MODERN TIMES REVIEW has established itself as a primary, independent source for review and essays on documentary films that matter. Presented regularly...
War of art. Tommy Gulliksen

War of Art

NORTH KOREA: Seven international artists travel to Pyongyang to participate in the hermit kingdom’s first arts symposium in a throughout provoking reminder how we are all products of cultural conditioning. [Director Tommy Gulliksen]

Midnight Traveler

MIGRANTS: The Fazili family shoots their perilous journey from Afghanistan through the Balkan migration route to an uncertain future on three mobile phones. [Director Hassan Fazili]