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The 9/11 debate that never was

It is actually possible to have a sober discussion about the events of 11. September, 2001.


It is now 10 years since the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington on September 11, 2001. Such an occasion brings to mind numerous documentary films that have depicted the events from every angle you could possibly imagine.

FEATURE: The first Internet blockbuster

In the absence of critical investigation by mass media, three young men challenged the official version of the American 9/11 events. Several other documentaries are following in its path. Who was the great conspirators? Is this critical filmmaking or too phantasmagorical?

A massive «cover-up»

A young filmmaker asks why osama Bin Laden was never on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. He also questions how close the ties between The White House and the 9/11 Commission actually were.

The invention of terror

The FBI observers and those observed - we watch them both in (T)error. This makes the film unique and a vital contemporary documentary.

The Muslim brotherhood and the West

In his latest book, Martyn Frampton argues that the Muslim Brotherhood is a contradictory establishment, but its contradictions are also part of its successes.

Destroying the Towers as a gift for the NSA
(A Good American)

On overwhelming US State corruption and a worldwide attack on democracy.

ETHICAL DILEMMAS: Docs under duress

What are the ethical dilemmas of telling real stories in war time? And, to what extent will filmmakers go to tell those stories?

A heartbreaking story
(Forbidden Lie$)

When Norma Khouri’s “memoir”, “Forbidden Love”, the heartbreaking story about her Jordanian friend stabbed to death by her father because she fell in love with a Christian man


For the first time ever, a Syrian documentary project was pitched at the Amsterdam FORUM and was one of the most successful pitches to boot. Broadcasters queued up to land a deal with Proaction (the Syrian production company) and Final Cut (the Danish co-producer)