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Manifest [dir: Alejandro Rath]

PHILOSOPHY: Crossing the space-time threshold, two actors inhabit the characters of Leon Trotsky and André Breton.

The Panama Papers [dir: Alex Winter]

CORRUPTION: Alex Winter's behind-the-scenes story of how an international consortium of journalists broke the story of the Panama Papers plays like a compulsive thriller.

Their Own Republic [dir: Aliona Polunina]

Their Own Republic by Russian director Aliona Polunina caused quite a fury at this year‘s Doclisboa due to its pro-Russian stance. The documentary nonetheless offers an interesting insight into the side of the Ukrainian conflict rarely portrayed in western media.

The Trial [dir: Sergei Loznitsa]

The archival footage from a court action against leading scientists in the Soviet Union of 1930 has been reconfigured into a narrative drama, which leads today‘s audience to believe the opposite of contemporary spectators.

The Dead Nation [dir: Radu Jude]

ROMANIA: Coupling aged photographic references to Romania in the 1930’s together with a diary from the time, this doc gives a chilling account of what awaited Romania’s Jews.

Immortality and artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is considered by many to be a more important invention than the discovery of fire and electricity. What road lies ahead?

Revolution and Power

OCTOBER 1917: What can books and films tell us about the 1917 revolutions?

DEBATE: Entrepreneurship versus Patient Observatio

We often like to celebrate the successes of documentaries like “Fahrenheit 9/11” and “Super Size Me”, but is the success of these films a victory for the documentary or is it actually killing its essential quality?