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Colonial voyeurism revisited

It is hard to tell if the archival documentary African Mirror is a rehabilitation of a colonial mind, a critique of colonialism or a piece of essayistic nostalgia over the colonial gaze. Probably it is a mix, and as such, nothing new.

Elitist liberalism + mass nationalism = truth

To political scientist Jean François Bayart, globalising and development are complementary processes.

 DOCS IN THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT: Adding the Emotional Aspect

Quite a few documentaries are shown in the European Parliament. It is not a bad place to get exposure for a certain case, as screenings are often attended by politicians, journalists and sundry lobby groups, providing an opportunity for direct contact with those in power.

Powerful case study of a society in transition

Kim Longinotto and Florence Ayisi’s documentary “Sisters in Law” is a fascinating insight into the workings of the judicial system in the small African town of Kumba in southwest Cameroon.

People who take soccer very, very seriously

It documents the realities of the game as perceived by soccer aficionados in Austria but also in the countries against which Austria played: Cameroon, Chile and Italy.