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    Ghana’s creative micro-entrepreneurs in a grey zone

    AFRICA: Sakawa uses beautiful portraiture to tell a story of Ghana’s enterprising young adults who hope to make a living by learning how to scam on the Internet.

    Portrait of a Ghanaian child porter

    Thousands of Ghanaian girls as young as six are systematically sent away from their impoverished rural homes to the capital to scrape together a few pennies – burdened with loads that could break the back of a strong adult.

    The apocalyptic face of capitalism

    The shocking reality of Ghana’s electronic waste dump Sodom reveals the truth about our unending need for the newer and better in Western consumerism.
    Children of the Mist, a film by Diem Ha Le

    The modern world in contemporary films

    FESCAAAL: This year's edition in Milano offered an insight into the major transformations of the modern world.
    This Stolen Land of Mine, a film by Marc Wiese

    Recolonising Ecuador

    NEO-COLONISALISM: Ecuadorian indigenous resistance against their homeland's resource exploitation at the hands of China.
    Let's Say Revolution, a film by Nicolas Klotz, Elisabeth Perceval

    When a master dies…

    SLAVERY: Eternal human tales of suffering told as a shamanic journey.
    A Black Jesus-Wim Wenders Producer-documentary

    A black Jesus in a white town

    PREJUDICE: In one Sicilian town, anti-migrant sentiment juxtaposes with its centuries-long worshipping of a statue depicting a black Jesus.
    Ancestral Secret-IDFA Forum-2020

    IDFA Forum announces selections, new category & award

    63 projects have been selected for the 2020 #IDFA Forum, the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam's co-production and co-financing market. Featuring established filmmakers and new voices,...