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Above us, About us: Two new documentaries from Rotterdam

IFFR:This year‘s film festival in Rotterdam unveiled several documentaries and shorts, amongst them Above Us Only Sky – a calming exercise in intellectual and sensual stimulation – and Pelourinho: They Don't Really Care About Us, which proved to be a rough, angry gem of a picture.

Film Festival Rotterdam 2013: Exploiting the thin line

Some films invite us to think about documentary performances by definition: don’t all participants somehow construct their presentation of self?


Pamela Cohn writes about a new international platform for art and film. Works of this nature must be careful not to devolve into a metaphysical morass, a soupy incomprehensible mess,to the point of total disengagement.

The Sheik And I

How can you violate basic ethical standards of documentary filmmaking? Iranian–American gadfly Caveh Zahedi discovers the structures of influence in his latest doc The Sheik and I. [Director Caveh Zahedi | Caveh Zahed]

ROTTERDAM 2012: Observing China

As documents in pure direct cinema, Willemien Sanders looks at Chinese docs shown at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

ROTTERDAM 2011: Five ways to look at the world

The International Film Festival Rotterdam traditionally showcases extraordinary films, performances and installations.

La Espera, The Lost Procession

IFFR: Two shorts from the 2020 International Film Festival Rotterdam highlight experience from Central America to Pakistan, and beyond. [Director Danilo do Carmo, Jakob Krese, Bani Abidi]
Hong Kong Demoracy-We Have Boots-documentary-Evans Chan-featured

We Have Boots

DEMOCRACY: Hong Kong faces the dawn of sovereignty [Director Evans Chan]


The landmark of the WWI battle of Gallipoli in Turkey and the idolising of individual heroism has become the backbone for nationalist and populist sentiments – and for business. [Director Köken Ergun]

Looking For Life

IMMIGRATION: While US Democrats, Republicans and the President bicker over a border wall, Chèche Lavi shows what whimsical policy measures mean to real people. [Director Sam Ellison]