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    Key festival directors to issue shared statement at 77th Venice International...

    On the occasion of the 77th Venice International Film Festival's opening, eight artistic directors of some of the key European film festivals will be...

    Waiting and seeing

    IFFR: Two shorts from the 2020 International Film Festival Rotterdam highlight experience from Central America to Pakistan, and beyond.


    Pamela Cohn writes about a new international platform for art and film. Works of this nature must be careful not to devolve into a metaphysical morass, a soupy incomprehensible mess,to the point of total disengagement.

    ROTTERDAM 2012: Observing China

    As documents in pure direct cinema, Willemien Sanders looks at Chinese docs shown at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

    Prosecution of filmmakers spreads «like a pandemic»

    IDFA: ICFR addresses a growing political prosecution and incarceration of filmmakers.
    Landscapes of Resistance-IFFR2021

    The trauma mapped on a nation-state’s skin

    TRAUMA: An unorthodox documentary on the exceptional journey of one of Serbia's first female partisans, who helped lead the resistance in Auschwitz.
    Hong Kong Demoracy-We Have Boots-documentary-Evans Chan-featured

    The last battles for democracy

    DEMOCRACY: Hong Kong faces the dawn of sovereignty

    Turning national sentiments into business

    The landmark of the WWI battle of Gallipoli in Turkey and the idolising of individual heroism has become the backbone for nationalist and populist sentiments – and for business.

    Above us, About us: Two new documentaries from Rotterdam

    IFFR:This year‘s film festival in Rotterdam unveiled several documentaries and shorts, amongst them Above Us Only Sky – a calming exercise in intellectual and sensual stimulation – and Pelourinho: They Don't Really Care About Us, which proved to be a rough, angry gem of a picture.