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Money, Power and the Myths of the Cold War-Putin-featured

Russia without Putin

RUSSIA: Putin will leave the Kremlin one day - but don't expect that to change things, argues Tony Wood in his well-researched thesis on power and continuity in today's Russia.
MTR Review-Citizen K-Mikhail Khodorkovsky-featured

Citizen K

RUSSIA: Alex Gibney provides an intimate look at post-Soviet Russia from the perspective of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a former oligarch turned political dissident. [Director Alex Gibney]


RUSSIA: Though the communist era may be over, the ideology of serving the motherland is still very much alive as an ideal for indoctrination. [Director Ksenia Okhapkina]


RUSSIA: The dreamlike beauty of Ksenia Okhapkina's concise film connects the subtle mechanisms of control in a former Gulag town. [Director Ksenia Okhapkina]

Daymohk, The Ancestral Land

CHECHNYA: The way Daymohk opens, one might think it‘s going to be a film that uncritically praises traditional Chechen folk culture and the Head of the Chechen Republic. But the film becomes more interesting once you get past the opening. [Director Masha Novikova]

Oleg’s Choice

The little-seen world of Russian volunteers fighting in Ukrainian rebel provinces. [Director Elena Volochine, James Keogh]

Our New President

A new documentary examines the Trump campaign and the breadth of the influence of «fake news» exclusively through the eyes of Russian media sources. [Director Maxim Pozdorovkin]

Electing Russia

Electing Russia reflects a depressing picture of Kremlin opposition. [Director Alexander Rastorguev]

Putin's Witnesses

RUSSIA: A glimpse into Vladimir Putin‘s rise to power – from his early promises of media freedom to the flagrant disregard of democratic norms. [Director Vitaly Mansky]

Long Echo

Following a Tanzanian taxi driver in a small town in the Donetsk province in Ukraine, Long Echo offers a fresh view on a story that has all-but disappeared from the daily news bulletins of European media outlets. [Director Lukasz Lakomy, Veronika Glasunowa]