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Oil Machine Emma Davie

Living in the oil machine

CLIMATE: How we got into this oily mess?
Letters From South Lebanon

South Lebanon as a lifelong trauma of silence

LEBANON: Young Norwegian soldiers sent to into Israel's 1978 invasion of Lebanon received little recognition for their work and PTSD from a conflict they didn't quite understand.
The Visitors Veronika Lišková

When climate change is not the main issue

COMMUNITY: It's more than icebergs and permafrost vanishing in the Arctic as a young anthropologist discovers in Svalbard, Norway.

She could be Italy’s next prime minister

ITALY: «I'm a woman, I'm a Christian, I'm a mother, I'm Italian, I'm on the right, I'm Giorgia.» A book devoid of political analysis?
the three ecologies

The three ecologies

CLIMATE: What connects the city of Siracusa with the UN and a French philosopher?
universal basic income

Citizen basic income or negative tax

EDITORIAL: As not all human activities are deemed «profitable» despite potential social or environmental good, what are the options to solve this problem?

Breaking the silence about the Lebanese civil war

BEIRUT: About a War demonstrates how understanding our history can breed solace, solidarity, and progress in a society where the past is a taboo.

Authoritarian or Democratic?

At the Oslo Freedom Forum’s (OFF) press conference, a question from the audience makes tempers flare.

Varoufakis’ magical realism

By cutting the principles of capitalism to the bone and by using language that is straightforward, Yanis Varoufakis pulls out the essence of modern economy.