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The diaspora as a vantage point to modern China

From the mid 19th century to the mid 20th century more than 20 million people migrated out of China. Shelly Chan analyses the emergence of China as a nation state from the vantage point of the Chinese diaspora around the world.
Biografilm 2020-featured

Biografilm 2020: The complete winners

As an international celebration of lives, #Bologna, Italy's Biografilm yesterday wrapped up their 16th edition. Like many others, the documentary & feature film festival...

A Strange New Beauty

Shelly Silver seems to totally lack humility in terms of the relevance and sustainability of her own project. She takes up space and time with an unusual self-esteem that oozes Reputable Art Filmmaker. [Director Shelly Silver]


APOCALYPSE: A solitary greenhouse is the final outpost on Earth in Ben River’s prophetic science fiction-scenario, which stages the uncertain fate of the planet: deserted, with this greenhouse as its last remaining habitable place. [Director Ben Rivers]