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    MARK FRITH, DUAN JINCHUAN: bringing China to the West

    Two British producers had a strong desire to bring Chinese directors to Europe to present China to Western audiences. They started out with a workshop in Beijing in 1999, which resulted in a four-part series entitled "Interesting Times", and which is being shown by a number of European broadcasters this spring. The production process demanded close cooperation to make the authentic Chinese voices fit Western TV reality. ULLA JACOBSEN talked to producer Mark Frith, Decameron Films, and director Duan Jinchuan.
    Porto/Post/Doc winners-Departure

    Porto/Post/Doc 2020: The complete winners

    The 2020 Porto/Post/Doc Film & Media Festival concludes its physical form today, and has announced its complete winners. On Thursday, 3 December, the films will...
    Porto/Post/Doc 2020- programme

    Porto/Post/Doc 2020 announces complete programme for 2020 festival

    Over 60 films have been selected for the 2020 edition of the #Porto/Post/Doc Film Festival, which runs 20 to 29 November 2020. The festival will...
    WOMEX 20 Film Programme-featured

    WOMEX 20 announces its full 21 film programme, facilitating discovery between...

    The #WOMEX 20 Film Programme has been released in the form of a carefully curated 21 film selections from the biggest conference of the...
    All Inclusive-documentary-featured

    Luxury for the masses

    CONSUMPTION: A humorous and poignant commentary on the mass consumption of our time.

    The documents that revealed the worldwide theft from the public purse

    CORRUPTION: Alex Winter's behind-the-scenes story of how an international consortium of journalists broke the story of the Panama Papers plays like a compulsive thriller.

    Tell the world

    WAR REPORTER: The documentary Under the Wire provides a first-hand account of what really transpired during the early days of the war in Syria during the siege of Homs and the attack that killed war correspondent Marie Colvin.

    Cash and corpses in Sarkozy’s wake

    The French journalists Arfi and Laske investigate the real reasons behind the bombing of Libya in 2011.

    DOCAGORA 2007: Next-Media Documentary Venue

    Documentary filmmakers want to be at the forefront of new media developments and DocAgora attempts to meet this need. DOX attended two of the DocAgora conferences, but first a brief intro.