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«The power of the Mafia is institutionalised»

MAFIA: Modern Times Review met the Italian photographer Letizia Battaglia in the Berlinale Lounge to talk about her photographic work and the Italian Mafia today.

Finding a Western husband is not the cure to all pains

Spanning a ten-year period, Heartbound tells the stories of Thai women who realise their dream of marrying a Western man.

How the toleration of crime can change everything

A film revealing the many faces of decades of organised crime in Southern Italy.

The pioneer of long-term filmmaking

Helena Trestikova’s work epitomises the innovative role of long-term filmmaking, and the inextricable link between big and little histories.

How the European community became a criminal coalition

Eldorado is a testament to the increased brutalisation of our human perception over the last decade.

From a child’s perspective

ANIMATED MOVIES: Girls dressed as boys in Kabul and Tehran’s underworld of sex, drugs and rave music are portrayed through the eyes of children in the animated movies The Breadwinner and Tehran Taboo.

Looking humanity in the eye

With its excessive simplicity, the cinema documentary and multimedia project Human is able to bring us a little closer together.

ROTTERDAM 2012: Observing China

As documents in pure direct cinema, Willemien Sanders looks at Chinese docs shown at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Female Arab voices

A myriad of Arab women documentary filmmakers have started their own revolutions through the issues that they choose to cover, the questions they ask and the connections they establish.

SAN FRANCISCO 2012: A real desire for understanding

The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival has earned a reputation for bold programming. Panelists discuss Jewish identity, values, and politics. Occasionally, the documentaries screened at the festival have provoked protest and anger from within the Jewish American community