TERRORISM: After a chance encounter with Carlos the Jackal, artist and filmmaker Ulrike Schaz remains on secret service records years later.
Nick Holdsworth
Nick Holdsworth
Our regular critic.
Published date: November 3, 2020

It’s the summer of 1975 and Ulrike Schaz is in love in the most romantic city in Europe. She’s just returned to Paris from a weekend at a rambling old farmhouse in Normandy with her handsome French boyfriend Jean Marie Leleu. They spend the day roaming around and driving out to Versailles before dropping to a farewell party for a Venezuelan student friend of Jean Marie’s.

In any other universe, this could be the beginning of a romantic novel, full of delightful twists and turns, passionate lovemaking, and jealousies provoked. In Ulrike’s universe, it was the day that turned the earth on its axis, when fate dealt her a hand that had labeled her a terrorist in many countries ever since.

Nearly half a century later, in Paris – No day without you, Ulrike tells her story – with the help of old friends – in a compellingly personal manner, where she weaves the back story of her family and upbringing into the events that changed – and charted – the course of her life.

Carlos the Jackal-Paris No Day without You-post1
Paris – No day without You, a film by Ulrike Schaz

Revolutionary Causes

Jean Marie, the …

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