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Truls Lie, editor-in-chief


Siri Sollie, communication manager
Phone: +47 40595791
Belgrade, Serbia


marijaMarija Zdravković in Belgrade is our editorial assistant, working with, and maintaining, our extensive archive.


The first new magazine came out in March 2017, launched at CPH:DOX in Copenhagen and Tempo Documentary Festival in Stockholm. It will be available on newsstands in some of Europe’s major cities.
There is 2-4 issues every year, spring and fall.
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Modern Times Review – the new European documentary magazine – features more than 1000 documentary reviews and articles about documentaries that matter. The political-ethical editorial line is threefold: peace/conflict (military industrial complex), control/privacy (surveilance, big data, finance, technology), and ecology (inspired by eco-anarchism, existential matters, climate, nutrition, life quality.) The magazine comes out in 2-4 printed yearly editions (broasheet newspaper format) and online with 10 reviews each month.

As a starting point, a part of our pre-2015 articles are taken from EDN’s DOX magazine (1997-2014: reviews, festival reports, interviews and film making issues). Truls Lie edited the DOX for EDN publication from 2009-13, succeeded by Vibeke Bryld, his former co-editor, till it folded in 2014. From that date onwards, the articles featured are based on published pieces from the Norwegian monthly newspaper NY TID (30.000 readers). NY TID is also called Oslo Review of Docs and Books. The network (organisation) is non-profit with a really low budget – so please support us by spreading the word!

Modern Times’ has around 10 critics, some of them writing originally for the Norwegian monthly newspaper NY TID, others are well known from the European community.