About us


Truls Lie, editor-in-chief
Truls Lie has over 25 years experience publishing & editing newspapers/magazines, yielding a total of some 25,000 articles, mostly for Norwegian audiences (Morgenbladet, Le Monde diplomatique, DOX Magazine, NY TID aka Oslo Review of Docs and Books). His editorial line is inspired by pragmatic anarchism and can be summed up along topics of International Conflict (War/Peace Activism/Violence), Societal Control (Surveillance/Bureaucracy/Finance/AI), as well as issues surrounding Ecology/Philosophy/Existentialism. He is educated in Philosophy & Media.

Siri Sollie, managing editor
Phone:  +381 61 233 8850 / +47 40595791

Steve Rickinson, communications manager
Phone: +31 (06) 31 55 29 61

Marija Zdravković, web manager

Modern Times Review– The International Documentary Magazine – can be found at all the primary European documentary festivals, on-site for audiences and in the delegate bags of professionals. Printed three times annually and with regularly updated online content, our archive of over 1000 reviews and articles cover all documentary films that matter.

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With content provided by critics well known to the European film community, The Modern Times Review political/ethical editorial line is threefold: International Conflict (War/Peace Activism/Violence), Societal Control (Surveillance/Bureaucracy/Finance/AI), and issues of Ecology/Philosophy/Existentialism.

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