Secrets Of The Tribe | The erotic man

José Padilha | Jørgen Leth

USA 2010, 1h 50min | Denmark 2010, 1h 25min

The new film by Jose Padihla, Secrets of the Tribe – shown at Film From the South Festival in Oslo in October – looks into the consequences of anthropology. Padihla based his film on archive material and about 100 interviews.

In the 60s and 70s, American anthropologists travelled into the depths of the Amazon Jungle to find local tribes untouched by modern civilisation. One result was the book Yanomamo: The Fierce People by Napoleon Chagnon. This newly educated man postulated that the tribe was violent due to their low protein diet. A large part of the mature male population was used to killing. Those who kidnapped women from other tribes also got the most children. The book has been part of the curriculum for generations of anthropologists. Kenneth Good, on the contrary, describes the tribe as peaceful and innocent. He also married a teenage girl (13), which was common practice within the tribe – they stayed together as is seen in later recordings.

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