Bianca-Olivia Nita 49 POSTS


The Ideal Society Cannot Be Staged
(Last Year in Utopia (Letztes Jahr in Utopia))

A reality TV show aims to create an utopian society, but instead becomes a dystopian experience for its participants

Over-Burdened Child

With no capable adult present to coordinate their everyday life, a young girl takes on the responsibility as head of her family.

Modern-day slave
(A Woman Captured)

Slavery is not dead. Here is one woman’s story of enslavement and the affect the filmmaker’s presence has on her life.

The Congo Tribunal

The new documentary by Milo Rau provides a platform for accountability on the battleground of the country of Congo.

Snapshot of a Shattered Community
(Last Days In Shibati)

A final look at a dead way of life, Last Days in Shibati is a filmic record of a once thriving neighbourhood soon to be demolished to make way for development.

Cíntia Gil

DOCLISBOA: Doclisboa is consistent in defending diversity, matching films with audiences and surpassing the rules of the mainstream market

Marek Hovorka

JIHLAVA: We opened all competitions to hybrid and fiction films with a documentary approach because many are inspiring and provoking – and we want to be inspired and provoked.

Leena Pasanen

DOK LEIPZIG: The theme this year is Post-Angst, and is inspired by the idea that we are now living a dark period politicall

When Glimpses of Humaneness Become Grotesque
(Golden Dawn Girls)

GREECE, GOLDEN DAWN : In this documentary we follow three of the women at the top of Golden Dawn, the notorious Greek extreme right-wing party.

Barbara Visser

IDFA aims to present a wide array of documentaries, from small and personal stories to epic dramas. The basis for the selection is the quality of the films, rather than one preconceived theme.