Carmen Gray
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Carmen is a freelance film critic and regular contributor to Modern Times Review.


Down the fake news rabbit hole

A new documentary examines the Trump campaign and the breadth of the influence of «fake news» exclusively through the eyes of Russian media sources.

A study of Baltic poetic documentary

Pioneers of Baltic poetic documentary reflect on a revolutionary wave of cinema that in an era of Soviet occupation took a stand for inner freedom.

Madness as seen from the inside

Damian Nenadić’s first feature length documentary is a raw revelation of psychiatric illness in Croatia, using footage shot solely by the protagonists themselves.

In the hallway of the Yugoslav past

Hotel Jugoslavija appears as a mirror image of the Yugoslav glory and downfall, symbolised by the once grand and luxurious hotel in the capital of a country that ceased to exist.

Austrian nazism revisited

The Waltz of Waldheim poses the question whether a fascist threat suppressed and unexamined on a national scale has ever really been defeated.

On the road to war

John Pilger’s documentary predicts a horrifying possibility: that China and the US are on the brink of war.

One in a Million

The Poetess follows the lone female contestant on the most popular talent show in the Middle East and the courage she displays through her poetry.