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Moore or less

This is the film about the rich and greedy in a united states of profit. Michael Moore himself fills nearly every screen as the people’s inquisitor.

Once a democratic country

DOX met the Iranian artist and now filmmaker, Shirin Neshat, who won the prize for best director at the Venice Film Festival. Her feature film Women Without Men combines both the oppression of women in Iran and the historical moment when Iran turned away from being a democracy in 1953. These insights are still alarmingly relevant.

EDITORIAL: Why criticism?

With this new edition of DOX, critique will be central

A Young Harsh Reality
(Killing Girls)

Can documentaries benefit from the film techniques used in fiction films? David Kinsella’s "Killing Girls" is exemplary.

JØRGEN LETH: A film should be akin to a poem in its creation

The Danish Institute of Film is releasing a host of films, by, arguably, the Nordics’ greatest ever living film maker - Jørgen Leth. Leth spoke to us about his move to Haiti, working with Lars von Trier, and the time he filmed Andy Warhol. Early on, he gave himself a polemic position in Danish society, but is now completely disinterested in saving the world. Can film ever constitute self-help?

In Godard’s shadow

"I don't want to have an ‘opinion’," film director Greenaway tells me as we meet in Trondheim. "My films afford me the opportunity to play with language, and language is infinitely more interesting than content,” continues the then 66-year old Briton, after declaring film dead. I am probably one of many who would prefer Jean-Luc Godard’s view on film history and his will for political change.

Richard Leacock: Cinematographer, director, producer

The film truth: The legendary cinematographer Richard Leacock died this year, nearly 90 years old. We were one of the last to interview him. Like what does the old-timer think about contemporary camera technology?

THOUGHT MADE VISIBLE: The movie auteurs

The late Ingmar Bergman and Michelangelo Antonioni wanted to do something very new with cinema:to use pictures to make people think about the nature of thought. And to reconnect them with the reality of life

LEIPZIG 2000: The cultural traditions of east European cinematography

Leo Isiemine reports from the 43rd International Leipzig festival of documentary and animated films, the traditional East Bloc film festival that after stagnation in the 80s is flourishing once again.


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