Safe or sorry?

Former hacker makes a dismal account of your online privacy in the era of tech giants soaking up all our private information. Simple precautions, however, might do a lot of good.

Faulty Figures

Unequal distribution of (inherited) wealth has lately taken much of the blame for winners taking it all, and then some. In her disturbing account of the advent of data modelling, data scientist Cathy O’Neil shows how numbers themselves have become commodities, further widening the gap between the haves and the have nots.

Elitist liberalism + mass nationalism = truth

To political scientist Jean François Bayart, globalising and development are complementary processes.

To the Youth of Today

The aging Alain Badiou pens a radical speech on existential anguish as an opening towards a better community.

Two Hundred Years of Silence

IRAN: This sixty year old book is heartily recommended for anyone who wants to know more about the current relationship between Iranians and Arabs.

Politics in an Age of Godlessness

Recently translated into Norwegian, Peter Sloterdijk’s latest little book, In the Same Boat, thematises the challenges of hyper-politics in a globalised society.

Greenhouse Humanity

APOCALYPSE: A solitary greenhouse is the final outpost on Earth in Ben River’s prophetic science fiction-scenario, which stages the uncertain fate of the planet: deserted, with this greenhouse as its last remaining habitable place.

The final philosophical question

One philosophical question remains, and its answer will determine the continuing life on Earth, writes the author Erland Kiøsterud.

Two Centuries of Silence

A: Where are you from? B: Iran A: So you speak Arabic? B: No, we speak Farsi. Iranians are not Arab. We are Persian.

Artificial Intelligence-proof jobs

Apparently, the machines are coming for our jobs.