Book reviews (non-fiction)

The Sweat of Labour
[Move Fast and Break Things]

The book Move Fast and Break Things criticises Google, Facebook and Amazon sharply, but is at the same time partly romantic and crude.

The death of nature
[Green Utopias]

By combining a sociological approach to the climate crisis with examples drawn from literature and film, interesting new horizons are revealed in this British publication.

The Muslim brotherhood and the West

In his latest book, Martyn Frampton argues that the Muslim Brotherhood is a contradictory establishment, but its contradictions are also part of its successes.

A time for everything and nothing
[The Scent of Time]

When our faith in grand narratives erodes as our lives become increasingly hectic, time itself loses its direction and meaning.

Life without thought
[World Without Mind]

A past to present look at big tech’s influence over society and how we can fight their pervasive power.

An unscrupulous empire about to fall
[In the shadows of the American century]

In his new book, Alfred W. McCoy collects his multiple analyses of the US as an empire, and describes how violence practiced in the periphery will accompany you all the way home.

Cash and corpses in Sarkozy’s wake
[Avec les compliments du Guide]

The French journalists Arfi and Laske investigate the real reasons behind the bombing of Libya in 2011.

A nuanced take on Boko Haram
[Women and the War on Boko Haram]

During the past three years, Hilary Matfess has interviewed a number of women who have been freed from Boko Haram captivity in northern Nigeria. She challenges the reader to take a more nuanced view of the group.

In power for eight years
[We Were Eight Years in Power]

Barack Obama’s eight years as America’s first black president indirectly paved the way for the country’s «first white president», according to one of America’s most influential African-American writers.

The structural cruelty of American prisons
[Unusually Cruel]

Marc Morjé Howard’s book provides a shocking picture of America’s treatment of convicts through a detailed comparison of the European and American Prison systems.