Artificial Intelligence-proof jobs

Apparently, the machines are coming for our jobs.

The Dream Island of Modernity

This year, Sir Thomas More’s Utopia marks its 500th anniversary. Modern Times takes this opportunity to celebrate this, still radical, great piece of work.

A Communist Manifesto

Is Karl Marx still able to show us the way forward - some 168 years after his book was initially published?

A Return To Utopia

With a moniker like ‘Modern Times’, it feels natural for us to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Sir Thomas More’s Utopia, published in 1516.

Dispatches from Moments of Calm

An insightful eye-opener for history as something more than linear progress

Riots instead of strikes

Riot is the modern reaction to capitalism, in the same way strikes were in the past.

The female orgasm – what is it good for?

Peter Sloterdijk has written an important novel at a time where biological explanations for human actions have become the norm.

SPIES IN THE CONGO: The forgotten victims of the Hiroshima bomb

Susan Williams has made a docu-crime in the spirit of Pinter, le Carré and Galeano.

FAN HO: The roaming street photographer

The photographs of Chinese Fan Ho capture the lives, dreams and hard labour of individuals in an expanding metropolis.

A diverse contemplation of changes

Deleuzes’ book on Leibniz is the most complex of the philosopher's work, but is also the ultimate book for those wanting to immerse themselves in his concept of creation.