Book reviews (non-fiction)

A mourning sister speaks truth to power
[Carceral Capitalism]

Through reflections, prose-poems, and conversations with living and dead revolutionaries, Jackie Wang dissects the American prison system.

Understanding Hizbollah
[Faith and Resistance]

Faith and Resistance argues that religion and rational thought are compatible.

Another day in the death of America

Another Day in the Death of America draws a grim picture of today's America and is by far one of the most influential books on arms and shootings in the US.

Alt-right and the politics of transgression
[Kill All Normies]

Angela Nagle bemoans the alt-right and explains what has made it a success story.

State of repression

Recently opened archival material from Saddam Hussein’s Iraq paints a different picture of the brutal dictatorship.

Left-wing America is on the wrong track
[The Once and Future Liberal]

«American identity politicians have no strategy, and do not want one. All they want is to express themselves and progressively radicalise.»

Evil: The powerlessness of the spirit
[Transgression and the Inexistent]

The French-Tunisian philosopher Mehdi Belhaj Kacem wants to show us the path towards good by sharpening our insight into evil.

The sweat of labour
[Move Fast and Break Things]

The book Move Fast and Break Things criticises Google, Facebook and Amazon sharply, but is at the same time partly romantic and crude.

The death of nature
[Green Utopias]

By combining a sociological approach to the climate crisis with examples drawn from literature and film, interesting new horizons are revealed in this British publication.

The Muslim brotherhood and the West

In his latest book, Martyn Frampton argues that the Muslim Brotherhood is a contradictory establishment, but its contradictions are also part of its successes.