Agamben and the Ethics of Abnegation

The Coming Community is a rich, complex and at times impenetrable text drawing you into the realm of the profane before finally presenting us to «the solution».

Heretics the fun way

The new cartoon and graphic narrative Heretics!: The Wondrous (and Dangerous) Beginnings of Modern Philosophy, offers a smooth beginning to some of the wisest thinkers of early modern thoughts.

The Conqueror of the Useless

A genuine democracy must be open to dissent, the different and the useless. Only through this “conquest of the useless” can we get closer to the truth.

Prescript Killjoy

Narcocapitalism is a short book about modern psychoactive pharmaceuticals, but also a theory of how to gain control over the social body.


In Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor’s insightful book, historical and contemporary consequences of racism are explored along with the promise of a new potential for Black liberation.

Power in the age of impotence

Franco Berardi suggests to us a new activism – not through revolutionary changes, but through a systematic effort to develop a humane and free society.

Food on a Tormented Planet

The world’s intensive food production and the resulting resource depletion may quickly lead us into serious crises. Something must be done about it.

A quiet form of genocide

Can hunger be abolished? Today’s hunger disasters have political causes, claims professor Alex De Waal. He believes famine must be criminalized and that political leaders must be brought to court.

The Warlord Democrats of Africa

How do African rebel leaders succeed politically after the end of military conflicts? Ten Africa-experts have examined the question.

Factory and cathedral

In an official press release by the White House on October 31st, Trump announced, in a rare enthusiastic professional language that he urged all Americans to take part in the celebration of November “in the year of the Lord two thousand and seventeen” as a “national entrepreneurship month”.