Book review

Book reviews (non-fiction)

Stuxnet was basically waging war
(Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s first Digital Weapon)

CYBER WARFARE: Countdown to Zero Day relates the story about Stuxnet, the world’s first public known digital weapon. The book raises important questions about warfare in which we all may become collateral damage.

The conqueror of the useless
(Werner Herzog)

A genuine democracy must be open to dissent, the different and the useless. Only through this “conquest of the useless” can we get closer to the truth.

The Dream Island of Modernity

This year, Sir Thomas More’s Utopia marks its 500th anniversary. Modern Times takes this opportunity to celebrate this, still radical, great piece of work.

A moral duty to tell
(The wall and the gate)

Israeli lawyer Michael Sfard presents a new take on human rights battles within the occupied Palestinian territories.

Elitist liberalism + mass nationalism = truth
(L’impasse nationale-libérale, Globalisation et repli identitaire)

To political scientist Jean François Bayart, globalising and development are complementary processes.

Alt-right and the politics of transgression
(Kill All Normies)

Angela Nagle bemoans the alt-right and explains what has made it a success story.

People helping people
(Fans, Friends And Followers)

Business model 2.0: get your personal audience to support your personal art. In the US filmmakers have managed to finance several films through the Iinternet, but what does it have to offer a European documentary scene?

A quiet form of genocide
(Mass Starvation)

Can hunger be abolished? Today’s hunger disasters have political causes, claims professor Alex De Waal. He believes famine must be criminalized and that political leaders must be brought to court.

DOCUMENTARY STORYTELLING - CREATIVE NONFICTION ON SCREEN. Author: Sheila Curran Bernard, Focal Press, 386 pages,

Sheila Curran Bernard’s Documentary Storytelling is a wellstructured and easily read book on how to create a documentary. It just gets a little too banal and template-minded now and then.

Life without thought
(World Without Mind)

A past to present look at big tech’s influence over society and how we can fight their pervasive power.