Book review

Book reviews (non-fiction)

How to help the Syrians?
(No Turning Back)

War reporter Rania Abouzeid gained unprecedented access to the heart of the Syrian conflict by clandestinely entering Syria over a number of years. No Turning Back tells the Syrians stories.

Left-wing America is on the wrong track
(The Once and Future Liberal)

«American identity politicians have no strategy, and do not want one. All they want is to express themselves and progressively radicalise.»

Understanding Hizbollah
(Faith and Resistance)

Faith and Resistance argues that religion and rational thought are compatible.

Agamben and the Ethics of Abnegation
(The Coming Community)

The Coming Community is a rich, complex and at times impenetrable text drawing you into the realm of the profane before finally presenting us to «the solution».

The devil is in the distractions

Solitude is an occasionally interesting reflection on the many qualities of loneliness in a time where we’re almost always connected with others.

Power in the age of impotence

Franco Berardi suggests to us a new activism – not through revolutionary changes, but through a systematic effort to develop a humane and free society.

A Communist Manifesto
(The Communist Manifesto)

Is Karl Marx still able to show us the way forward - some 168 years after his book was initially published?

An unscrupulous empire about to fall
(In the shadows of the American century)

In his new book, Alfred W. McCoy collects his multiple analyses of the US as an empire, and describes how violence practiced in the periphery will accompany you all the way home.

A diverse contemplation of changes
(The Fold Leibniz And The Baroque Written)

Deleuzes’ book on Leibniz is the most complex of the philosopher's work, but is also the ultimate book for those wanting to immerse themselves in his concept of creation.

Opposite views of the resource crisis
(The Wizard and the Prophet)

The prophets say we have to turn back, the wizards conjure new paths. In an effective mix of polemics and cultural history, this book shows that the environment is a product of the ideas we have about it.