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Film about Iraq under U.S. occupation
(My Country, My Country)

We are all well aware of the dangers involved in making a documentary in Iraq these days

SIGURD FALKENBERG MIKKELSEN: «I’ve never felt the need to scream at...

Has Sigurd Falkenberg Mikkelsen from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK ever really been able to feel the fear of the vulnerable, or the violence of war? In connection with his new book, we speak with him about the rough reality of the Middle East, the value of journalism and what travels like these do to a person.

Tell the world
(Under the Wire)

The documentary Under the Wire provides a first hand account of what really transpired during the early days of the war in Syria during the siege of Homs and the attack that killed war correspondent Marie Colvin.

Shin bet top guns
(The Gatekeepers)

Director Moreh lets unrepentant and ruthless pensioners reminisce about the decades-long intelligence wars fought against Palestinians. These voices matter.

The biggest massacre in Europe since WW2
(A Cry From The Grave)

Documentary about the fall of Srebrenica (Bosnian civil war, 1995). For a large part consisting of original video material shot by people involved themselves.

Two approaches to war
(Russian Lessons | Restrepo)

From San Francisco International Film Festival: Andrei Nekrasov and Olga Konskaya captured the immediate aftermath of the bombing, shooting, and looting during the intense 2008 conflict between Russia and Georgia. Two other filmmakers focus on the everyday life of a single US army platoon stationed in the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan – showing just how easy it was for the Taliban to defend their positions in the mountainous terrain.

From the Communist Regime
(The Trial)

RUSSIA: The philosopher Žižek defined this particular form of power, as the “immanent cynicism of power”. It developed during the communist regime.

Captured by a mobile phone
(For Neda)

For Neda is the tragic story of 29-year-old Neda Agha Soltan whose death, during a street protest against the 2009 elections in Iran, was recorded on a mobile phone and shared via the Internet. This footage went viral, igniting national and international outrage.

Restrained and harrowing
(Hissein Habré, A Chadian Tragedy)

Hissein Habré, A Chadian Tragedy is a strikingly restrained documentary about the little known abuse that took place under the rule of Chadian dictator Hissein Habrés.

Our future with bitcoin and blockchain

Bitcoin, blockchain and crypto: are they a hyped bubble set to burst or a liberating and solidary money system ready to challenge centralised state power and capitalist control?