International Conflicts - War, Peace activism, Violence, Weapons, Military-industrial complex

«The lost world» of survived Jews
(Herr Zwilling And Frau Zuckermann)

Filmmaker Volker Koepp interviews two Holocaust survivors in the city of Chernowitz, a former center of Jewish culture

«Documentary within a documentary»
(Happy Birthday Mr Mograbi)

As his birthday approaches, an Israeli filmmaker juggles a complicated assignment for an important anniversary

FROM INSIDE: Balkan Stories

Historical conflicts are always a popular -and important- topic for documentaries, as is the case with the war in former Yugoslavia

Documentary of The Black Panther Party
(Public Enemy)

PUBLIC ENEMY presents four charismatic and influential Americans who have been leading wildly dissimilar lives, yet they have one thing in common: they are all former members of the Black Panther Party - the radical black liberation movement that confronted racial and economic inequality in 1960s mainstream America.

The biggest massacre in Europe since WW2
(A Cry From The Grave)

Documentary about the fall of Srebrenica (Bosnian civil war, 1995). For a large part consisting of original video material shot by people involved themselves.

Pripyat – abandoned since the 1986

After 1986, a restricted zone was erected at a radius of 30km around Chernobyl. More than 100.000 people have been evacuated from there, but some have remained or returned

Community trying to save their own little patch of «the wild»
(Our Park)

OUR PARK was meant to be a nice quiet film about the filmmaker's local park, an essay on the notion of the wild and the tame in the inner city suburb of Leichhardt

CENSORSHIP?: On Behalf of the Audience!

Italian Broadcaster RAI refuses to air "The Gulf War Syndrome", a controversial documentary which they themselves commissioned and paid for