International Conflicts - War, Peace activism, Violence, Weapons, Military-industrial complex

Austrian nazism revisited
(The Waldheim Waltz)

The Waltz of Waldheim poses the question whether a fascist threat suppressed and unexamined on a national scale has ever really been defeated.

America’s racism
(From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation)

In Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor’s insightful book, historical and contemporary consequences of racism are explored along with the promise of a new potential for Black liberation.

Aleppo’s fall from the inside
(Aleppo’s Fall)

Aleppo’s Fall documents the conflict in Syria from the ground, and gets dangerously close to the dramatic events as the country’s capitol is about to fall.

Nordic docs looking outside the region
(The Distant Barking of Dogs/The Deminer)

In quite different ways, two award-winning Nordic documentaries focus on war zones in other parts of the world outside of the Nordic region.

The rise and fall of Ben Bradlee
(The Newspaperman)

The Newspaperman explores the struggle for free press and truth in journalism during Ben Bradlee’s time as head of The Washington Post.

Rwanda’s calm after the storm

Inkontanyi by Christophe Cotteret is a detailed film about the history of internal conflict in Rwanda up to its situation today.

Dehumanized nationalism
(When the war comes (Až přijde válka))

When the war comes reveals not only the increasing threat we are facing from far-right groups, but also the vulnerability of our constitutional systems.

The Warlord Democrats of Africa
(Warlord Democrats in Africa)

How do African rebel leaders succeed politically after the end of military conflicts? Ten Africa-experts have examined the question.

Day and Night in Ukraine: two short discoveries

Two of the most distinctive and notable of the premieres at Rotterdam, concerned Ukraine. One xx and the other urban to its very core.

On the road to war
(The coming war on China)

John Pilger’s documentary predicts a horrifying possibility: that China and the US are on the brink of war.