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Take back control over your phone

A way to hide your phone against where you are, what you talk about, and being a microphone for those interested?

20th Circuit Suspects

TEHRAN: Six years in the life of an adolescent crime gang that breaks into cars in the streets of Tehran.

What was lost in the battle of Mosul

The hard times in Mosul are not over. The city that lived three years under Isis is now faced with a destructed infrastructure – on both a physical and social level.

Powerful case study of a society in transition

Kim Longinotto and Florence Ayisi’s documentary “Sisters in Law” is a fascinating insight into the workings of the judicial system in the small African town of Kumba in southwest Cameroon.

The collateral damage of violence

The shadow of violence can stretch long and wide and these two films illustrate the indirect damage that continues long after direct violence has ceased.

To set out for the Moon

Hamada turns the attention to the rocky, wind-eroded desert of the Western Sahara, where the Sahrawi people have resided in refugee camps for more than 40 years.

Dying city

The city of Leningrad and the blockade during the Second World War. No words. No music. Only sounds and black and white images of a dying city.

More guns?

At one point in my life I considered buying a handgun.

Stuxnet was basically waging war

CYBER WARFARE: Countdown to Zero Day relates the story about Stuxnet, the world’s first public known digital weapon. The book raises important questions about warfare in which we all may become collateral damage.

Revolution now!

The period of waiting is over: The world calls for an uprising.