Control of Society - Surveillance, Bureaucracy, Finance, AI, Disciplinary systems, Capitalism, Big data, Technology

The Medicated Generation: Controlling Feelings and Thoughts
(Cause of Death)

The pharmaceutical industry paves the way for the society of the future, in which tens of thousands of deaths are considered just a side effect.

Pokémon Go

The app that turns your phone into a handheld surveillance camera and tracks your location

CRISTINA ARCHETTI: “Less Surveillance, More Humanity”

Why is monitoring presented as the solution to the terror threat?

State Of Denial
(Intent To Destroy)

ARMENIAN GENOCIDE: Essential documentary fact checks Turkey’s sinister record of historical erasure.

Our future with bitcoin and blockchain

Bitcoin, blockchain and crypto: are they a hyped bubble set to burst or a liberating and solidary money system ready to challenge centralised state power and capitalist control?

Take back control over your phone

A way to hide your phone against where you are, what you talk about, and being a microphone for those interested?

What was lost in the battle of Mosul
(Isis, Tomorrow)

The hard times in Mosul are not over. The city that lived three years under Isis is now faced with a destructed infrastructure – on both a physical and social level.

A film about American health care industry

Even if Michael Moore’s new film didn’t win a prize at Cannes this year (it was not shown in competition), the screening caused quite a stir

Raiders of the Lost Archives
(The Reagan Show)

Unearthed footage helps documentary filmmakers offer alternative historical perspectives.

Greenhouse Humanity

APOCALYPSE: A solitary greenhouse is the final outpost on Earth in Ben River’s prophetic science fiction-scenario, which stages the uncertain fate of the planet: deserted, with this greenhouse as its last remaining habitable place.