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Rising pressure in the family
(The family)

Rok Bicek’s documentary explores the rising expectations of the family under the pressures of liberal capitalism.

The Ukraine-Russia war
(War for peace)

Covering a tragic struggle, this documentary shows stark footage of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict from a partisan, though compelling, viewpoint.

Raiders of the Lost Archives
(The Reagan Show)

Unearthed footage helps documentary filmmakers offer alternative historical perspectives.

The collateral damage of violence
(Shadows | A murder in Mansfield)

The shadow of violence can stretch long and wide and these two films illustrate the indirect damage that continues long after direct violence has ceased.

Modern-day slave
(A Woman Captured)

Slavery is not dead. Here is one woman’s story of enslavement and the affect the filmmaker’s presence has on her life.

The Deadly Heritage of Colonization
(Demon in Paradise)

Sri Lanka: Cannes presents a documentary about the slaughter within the Tamil community during the civil war between the Tamils and the Sinhalese of Sri Lanka.

Women’s Rights to Self-determination Have Lost Ground

USA 2017: A documentary about what happens when the rights to the uterus becomes the subject of a political and religious power struggle, and those who actually own the uterus becomes the victim of the struggle.

Revolution and Power

OCTOBER 1917: What can books and films tell us about the 1917 revolutions?

Stalin’s Many Admirers in Today’s Russia
(The Red Soul)

STALIN, RUSSIA: Through interviews, observations and archival footage, this documentary explores the present baffling and widespread reverence of Stalin.

Calling All Prosecutors
(Syria’s Dissappeared)

SYRIA: Syria’s Dissappeared should be mandatory viewing for all of those concerned about human rights or the Middle East.