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The Dream Island of Modernity

This year, Sir Thomas More’s Utopia marks its 500th anniversary. Modern Times takes this opportunity to celebrate this, still radical, great piece of work.

CRISTINA ARCHETTI: “Less Surveillance, More Humanity”

Why is monitoring presented as the solution to the terror threat?

Who’s afraid of the deep, dark web?

A documentary which explore the dangerous, bizarre and hair-raising world of the anonymous Internet.

Knight of transparency

The story about the whistle blower Hervé Falcani focuses on two central, albeit conflicting, values of the information society.

PUSSY RIOT: “We are all pioneers”

Should political change be art’s goal, and is it possible to turn art censorship into something ground breaking?

Stuxnet was basically waging war

CYBER WARFARE: Countdown to Zero Day relates the story about Stuxnet, the world’s first public known digital weapon. The book raises important questions about warfare in which we all may become collateral damage.

Take back control over your phone

A way to hide your phone against where you are, what you talk about, and being a microphone for those interested?

Pokémon Go

The app that turns your phone into a handheld surveillance camera and tracks your location

Inaccurate about Scandinavian loneliness

Do our individualistic lifestyles really make us happy?

The director as Fairy Godmother

Is the credibility of a documentary film in danger when the director changes the life story being portrayed in order to get the saleable result he or she wants?