Control of Society - Surveillance, Bureaucracy, Finance, AI, Disciplinary systems, Capitalism, Big data, Technology

Powerful case study of a society in transition
(Sisters In Law)

Kim Longinotto and Florence Ayisi’s documentary “Sisters in Law” is a fascinating insight into the workings of the judicial system in the small African town of Kumba in southwest Cameroon.

Military use of children in civil war
(Lost Children)

There are many forgotten wars around the world and one of them is in Northern Uganda where the Lord Resistance Army (LRA) is fighting the government troops


It was midday in April 1999, and I was sitting next to Adriek in the viewing room of IDFA showing her a bunch of Romanian documentaries produced after 1989.

«The lost world» of survived Jews
(Herr Zwilling And Frau Zuckermann)

Filmmaker Volker Koepp interviews two Holocaust survivors in the city of Chernowitz, a former center of Jewish culture

«Documentary within a documentary»
(Happy Birthday Mr Mograbi)

As his birthday approaches, an Israeli filmmaker juggles a complicated assignment for an important anniversary