A portrait of dementia

Documentary: Chronology and remembrance How do you portray the world of a person suffering from forgetfulness?

Tangible measures to help save tomorrow

There is no excuse to wait till tomorrow. The documentary Tomorrow presents constructive solutions to the world’s environmental issues.

On the differences between man and machine

Werner Herzog explores and challenges the net – as the dreamy documentarist he continues to be.

The Day the Sun Fell on Hiroshima

The Day the Sun Fell describes the consequences of the nuclear bomb in Japan, as told through the film maker’s own family history. A national trauma which remains connected with stigmatising and lack of knowledge in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The documentary maker who learnt his lesson

A revealing documentary about Kadyrov’s Chechnya, or a propaganda film in favour of Putin’s Russia? The latter, says our reviewer.

Looking humanity in the eye

With its excessive simplicity, the cinema documentary and multimedia project Human is able to bring us a little closer together.

The language of rebellion

Concerning violence is one of the best films I have even seen on repression and rebellion.

The number of dead in Congo is close to Holocaust

Modern Times Documentary: Some 5.4 million dead. Hundreds of thousands of women raped, and millions forced out of their homes. These are just some of the consequences of the Congolese mineral conflict in the last ten or twenty years.

In memory of Marker

The exhibition A Grin without a Cat currently displayed at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo bears a reflected, historical witness to the revolutionary movements of the 1960s and '70s, through the camera lens of French film maker Chris Marker.

CRAIG BALDWIN: Prank doc maker, activist and media archeologist

Craig Baldwin is not dead yet. The high priest of found-footage free association has made a three-decade career of imploding the very notion of the documentary form. Thomas Logoreci gets the California-born iconoclast to reveal the imaginative method behind his chaotic collage creations.