On the craft of making films, or how film directors see their work, motivation and the content they want to communicate.

Raoul Peck: I Am Not Your Negro

To be a director: Raoul Peck’s films I Am Not Your Negro and The Young Karl Marx were both neigh on impossible to catch a glimpse of at the Berlinale.

The documentaries that want to do more

We are experiencing a new wave of documentaries not content with merely documenting and portraying. These want to generate genuine social change, far beyond the traditional auditoriums.

BILL MORRISON: My films are not a conversation with the past

Bill Morrison is honored as one of the last “possessed” experimental filmmakers working with reviving the found-footage and non/fictional film material.

PIOTR STASIK: «When something is very difficult, magical things can happen.»

Piotr Stasik is a facinating, independent voice on the Polish film arena. We spoke to him on the topics of love, freedom, New Yorkers and Europeans – and his recent essay documentary 21 X New York.

A portrait of dementia
[I Am Not From Here]

Documentary: Chronology and remembrance How do you portray the world of a person suffering from forgetfulness?


«Unless we change our course of direction, our xenophobic politics will lead to the collapse of Europe, » says Gianfranco Rosi, the film maker behind the winner at the Film from the South festival, the Lampedusa-documentary «Fire at Sea» (in cinemas now).

Tangible measures to help save tomorrow

There is no excuse to wait till tomorrow. The documentary Tomorrow presents constructive solutions to the world’s environmental issues.

On the differences between man and machine
[Lo And Behold]

Werner Herzog explores and challenges the net – as the dreamy documentarist he continues to be.

The Day the Sun Fell on Hiroshima
[The Day The Sun Fell]

The Day the Sun Fell describes the consequences of the nuclear bomb in Japan, as told through the film maker’s own family history. A national trauma which remains connected with stigmatising and lack of knowledge in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The documentary maker who learnt his lesson
[The Family]

A revealing documentary about Kadyrov’s Chechnya, or a propaganda film in favour of Putin’s Russia? The latter, says our reviewer.