Interviews with filmmakers and other politically interesting people.

HOSUP LEE: Troublesome Shooting – Intriguing Result

Korean filmmaker Hosup Lee’s documentary "And Thereafter" caused heated moments in the Q&A session following the screening of the film at the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival last October.

MAREK HOVORKA: In the Beginning There Were Flags…

And then they were pulled down. The inhabitants of the small town of Jihlava in the Czech Republic didn’t appreciate the festival flags that were decorating the streets on the occasion of the 5th International Documentary Film Festival last October.


Veteran filmmaker Joan Churchill was the recipient of this year’s Outstanding Achievements in Documentary Filmmaking Award at Camerimage, Poland’s prestigious International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography.

The heart of darkness
(The Cambodian Room)

The Cambodian Room takes us into the uncompromising and claustrophobic world of D’Agata’s search for the intrinsically human.

SERGE LALOU: Auteur Films and Prime Time Television

If you have been keeping up with French documentaries over the last twenty years, you have undoubtedly seen a film produced by Les Films d'Ici, a large company with a reputation for high-quality documentaries that win prizes and frequently cross borders to festivals and television channels outside France. TUE STEEN MÜLLER met Serge Lalou, one of the company’s head producers to discuss what it’s like to be a producer caught between ‘industry’ and ‘art’, between ‘television programmes’ and ‘documentaries’.

Film about the Israeli kibbutz
(Children Of The Sun)

The Kibbutz idea was born in the early 20th century. Those who lived together in the Kibbutz shared the ideology of building a new society by replacing the traditional family with a collective one.

Our time is sick with eros
(Aka Ana)

We are all obsessed with the universal law of morality. But in this film they make love without feelings; they cannot love; their power is to become their wound – one of the girls sees her actions as a slow death. But the film also turns the savage moments into a prayer.

Circle of drowned men
(Drowned In Oblivion)

«Cercle des noyés» (Circle of drowned men) was the name given to a group of political prisoners whose detention in Mauritania in the mid-1980s is barely remembered in the country today.

The rejected film
(The Sheik And I)

How can you violate basic ethical standards of documentary filmmaking? Iranian–American gadfly Caveh Zahedi discovers the structures of influence in his latest doc The Sheik and I.

“La dieciocho”, the so-called 18th Street gang
(The Crazy Life)

The director’s tragic destiny in the aftermath of the making and release of The Crazy Life adds to the documentary’s already dubiously macabre tensions.