The Justified War

Kurdish Peshmerga-fighters are fighting against ISIS in Northern Iraq. If they are able to show that they are a source of stability in the region, they will be able to garner more support for their freedom fighting, believes controversial philosopher and documentarist Bernard-Henri Lévy.

Where the fight line is today

Lech Kowalski returns home.

What does it mean to be a survivor?

Usually, 1915 marks the beginning of what is commonly known as the Armenian genocide: the prosecution and murder of some 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottomans.

Why Trump and not Sanders?

The Latest US Election

A Portrait of a Young Mayor

Director Asli Ozarslan first saw Leyla Imret in a newspaper.

Destroying the Towers as a gift for the NSA

On overwhelming US State corruption and a worldwide attack on democracy.

Men made Machines

Machines depicts the inner world of a textile factory in Gujarat, India. Men work among gigantic machinery to produce brightly coloured fabrics. The film strongly echoes the work of late Austrian director Michael Glawogger.

In-Between the Shapeshifters

Sophie Vukovic’s thought provoking and well-structured meditation on everyday experiences of teenagers growing up in a multi-cultural world of the XXI century, challenges the notions of a nationhood and its effects on forming the identity.

F for Fake

Norwegian filmmaker recreates five days inside the rebel space jump.

From top diplomacy to revolutionary anarchy

As a British diplomat, Carne Ross worked for a government that invaded both Afghanistan and Iraq.