NO PLACE FOR TEARS. Director: Reyan Tuvi. Turkey, 2017

One of the main parties fighting ISIS in Syria at the moment are the Kurdish militias, among whom are the Kurdish Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG) and the Women's Protection Units (YPJ).

PESHMERGA. Director: Bernard-Henri Lévy, photography: Ala Hoshyar Tayyeb, Olivier Jacquin, Camille Lotteau. France.

Kurdish Peshmerga-fighters are fighting against ISIS in Northern Iraq. If they are able to show that they are a source of stability in the region, they will be able to garner more support for their freedom fighting, believes controversial philosopher and documentarist Bernard-Henri Lévy.

THE ETERNALS. Director: Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd. Belgium, France, 2017.

Usually, 1915 marks the beginning of what is commonly known as the Armenian genocide: the prosecution and murder of some 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottomans.

DIL LEYLA. Director: Asli Ozarslan. 2016.

Director Asli Ozarslan first saw Leyla Imret in a newspaper.

A GOOD AMERICAN. Director: Friedrich Moser

On overwhelming US State corruption and a worldwide attack on democracy.

MACHINES. Director: Rahul Jain. India/Germany/Finland. 2016

Machines depicts the inner world of a textile factory in Gujarat, India. Men work among gigantic machinery to produce brightly coloured fabrics. The film strongly echoes the work of late Austrian director Michael Glawogger.

SHAPESHIFTERS. Director and script: Sophie Vuković

Sophie Vukovic’s thought provoking and well-structured meditation on everyday experiences of teenagers growing up in a multi-cultural world of the XXI century, challenges the notions of a nationhood and its effects on forming the identity.

DRIB. Director: Kristoffer Borgli. Norway, 2017.

Norwegian filmmaker recreates five days inside the rebel space jump.