Film reviews

What was lost in the battle of Mosul
[Isis, tomorrow]

The hard times in Mosul are not over. The city that lived three years under Isis is now faced with a destructed infrastructure – on both a physical and social level.

Emerging talents in Edinburgh
[I don't want to call it home/Ululation]

Europe‘s longest running film festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, introduces fresh talents and new voices in this year‘s festival, reflecting the dazzling multi-cultural composition of Edinburgh in the 21st century.

Does the end justify the means?
[A River Below]

The power of science versus the power of television in the attempt to save the pink river dolphin.

Kicking against the pricks: two short documentaries from Melbourne
[House of JXN/Prisoner of Society]

In the non-fiction selection of this year‘s film festival in Melbourne, the standouts included two economic miniatures, which take a bold, empathetic and vivid approach to LGBTI subjects.

How the European community became a criminal coalition

Eldorado is a testament to the increased brutalisation of our human perception over the last decade.

Godard and the authenticity of the fragment
[The Image Book]

In his latest film The Image Book, Godard demands a «revolution in the revolution», calling for the subject to constitute his own law against the society, which – according to Godard – is nothing other than a constellation of organised crime.

Odessa: From writers’ muse to political pawn
[Delta/Home Games]

Once «The Pearl of the Black Sea», the political power struggles that have been characterising the East-West relationship since 2014 have left the major tourist centre in an inconvenient position. Needless to say, this year’s Odessa International Film Festival couldn’t avoid politics.

A poetic narration of a people under occupation
[Ma'ohi Nui, in the heart of the ocean my country lies]

This poetic examination of the lasting impact of nuclear testing and colonisation on the native people of Tahiti and French Polynesia looks set to become a key reference point for years to come.

In the quest for love
[Silicone Soul]

Could you ever consider having a full-fledged relationship with a silicone doll? In Melody Gilbert’s thought-provoking documentary the relationship between humans and dolls is under exploration, and by watching it you‘re slowly entering into an exercise in human empathy.

From protégée to dictator
[Putin's witnesses]

In the exclusive fly-on-the-wall footages in Vitaly Mansky‘s Putin’s Witnesses, we’re offered a glimpse into Vladimir Putin‘s raise to power – from his early promises of media freedom to the flagrant disregard of democratic norms.