Reviews of documentaries (and some non-fiction films)

Search of the music of the sacred and the sacred within music
(Nana’s Diary)

Can musical influences be described in terms of their sociocultural genealogy, or their historical/ geographical roots?

On rejecting a Putin covenant
(My Friend Boris Nemtsov)

Where Khodorkovsky, in the end, surrenders to the pressure and signs a deal with Putin, Nemtsov is without compromise. We know the result.

Honey, Don’t be Weird
(Toni Erdmann)

By taking its characters seriously, Toni Erdmann avoids the most obvious pitfalls of the comedy genre.

A Model Refugee
(The Wait)

Rokhsar Sediqi is a 14-year old who lives with her mum, dad and five siblings in the Danish countryside. She has waited four years for a leave to remain in Denmark.

Naples equals the mafia
(Napoli Napoli Napoli | Scena del crimine)

Usually, the mafia is depicted as a men’s organization.

Once a gaucho…
(The Centaur’s Nostalgia)

An intimate portrayal of a dwindling lifestyle in the Argentinian back country.

Calling All Prosecutors
(Syria’s Dissappeared)

SYRIA: Syria’s Dissappeared should be mandatory viewing for all of those concerned about human rights or the Middle East.

The Click Culture
(Stare Into The Lights My Pretties)

Stare Into The Lights My Pretties explores how people are being rewired by the all-consuming need to be in touch and online.

On the margins of truth and fiction
(Etgar Keret)

Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story is a biographical documentary about an amazing storyteller and his ability to find the extraordinary in everyday life.

Low-budget distinction
(Please!, Host)

At the 2018 Transilvania International Film Festival, two low-budget Romanian documentaries stood out from the crowd.