Reviews of documentaries (and some non-fiction films)

Search of the music of the sacred and the sacred within...

Can musical influences be described in terms of their sociocultural genealogy, or their historical/ geographical roots?

On rejecting a Putin covenant

Where Khodorkovsky, in the end, surrenders to the pressure and signs a deal with Putin, Nemtsov is without compromise. We know the result.

Our time is sick with eros

We are all obsessed with the universal law of morality. But in this film they make love without feelings; they cannot love; their power is to become their wound – one of the girls sees her actions as a slow death. But the film also turns the savage moments into a prayer.

Journalism transforms into filmic poetry

An old man is packing his things away, assisted by a young woman. Now they’ve reached the books.

AVANT-GARDE ARCHIVE FILM: Seeing without Knowing

Susana de Sousa Dias uses only twelve minutes of archive footage in her 72-minute archive-based film “Still Life”

The film as evidence

Genocide – what role can a documentary film play in a court case?

Documentary of The Black Panther Party

PUBLIC ENEMY presents four charismatic and influential Americans who have been leading wildly dissimilar lives, yet they have one thing in common: they are all former members of the Black Panther Party - the radical black liberation movement that confronted racial and economic inequality in 1960s mainstream America.

Honey, Don’t be Weird

By taking its characters seriously, Toni Erdmann avoids the most obvious pitfalls of the comedy genre.

A Model Refugee

Rokhsar Sediqi is a 14-year old who lives with her mum, dad and five siblings in the Danish countryside. She has waited four years for a leave to remain in Denmark.

Naples equals the mafia

Usually, the mafia is depicted as a men’s organization.