Reviews of documentaries (and some non-fiction films)

Counterfeit adultery greed

A thoroughly entertaining and profoundly human portrait of a teeming and complex society through the quiet and heroic efforts of one man to make the world he inhabits a better place.

Significance of religion and faith in present-day Brazil

The film focuses on the state of worship in Brazil, ranging from traditional Roman Catholicism and Born Again Christians, to black magic, witchcraft, Brazilian voodoo and other manifestations of faith which will surely shock viewers not very familiar with Brazil

The Day the Sun Fell on Hiroshima

The Day the Sun Fell describes the consequences of the nuclear bomb in Japan, as told through the film maker’s own family history. A national trauma which remains connected with stigmatising and lack of knowledge in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Greenhouse Humanity

APOCALYPSE: A solitary greenhouse is the final outpost on Earth in Ben River’s prophetic science fiction-scenario, which stages the uncertain fate of the planet: deserted, with this greenhouse as its last remaining habitable place.

Coming from reality

Rediscovery of an unknown rock star. The debut of Swedish director Malik Bendjelloul tells the unbelievable story of Mexican-American singersongwriter Sixto Diaz Rodriguez. Overlooked and forgotten in his own country, he enjoyed revolutionary cult fame in South Africa during the Apartheid-era.

A cross section of Belgian high-rise existence

Rabot is a showcase of pure and brilliant social realism thatoffers a remarkable portrait of the Rabotresidents living at the margins of society in Ghent.

Images of voids in black ink

Monthly steaming for subscribers: Is it possible to be forgiven for abandoning your children in order to fight for a higher end?

Escaping From a Prison Society

KARLOVY VARY International Film Festival offers a view of a society in crisis.

Three stories on war

Three films draw a line between war and a parallel world, not of peace, but of a kind of limbo upon which war encroaches or that exists alongside the fighting.

Robot relationships from our contemporary future

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: The most striking feature of this documentary is the contrast between the awkward shortcomings of the robot and the patience by which they are welcomed into their human coaches lives.