Reviews of documentaries (and some non-fiction films)

Somehow we don’t feel like leaving

The setting is an isolated, remote spot in Russia, the village of Shoina - sixty kilometres north of Archangel. During winter the village is totally inaccessible, and in the other seasons it is only less so.

Missionary zeal and colonialism

Ghini has a problem. If he is going to embrace Christianity and be baptised before the arrival of the Messiah in 2000, he has to give up one of his wives.

Longing for the Future

Dreaming of a better life, migrants from the Northeast of Brazil speak about the city of São Paulo, and sing it in prose, songs, stories and multiple sounds.

The gleaners and the female gleaner

An intimate, picaresque inquiry into French life as lived by the country's poor and its provident, as well as by the film's own director, Agnes Varda.

Filming while he was still working as a bookseller

Street booksellers in the U.S. need no licence, because they are protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution, which says that everyone has the right to distribute literature. However, with his “Quality of Life” campaign to clean up the city, New York’s controversial mayor Giuliani has given the NY booksellers a hard time. That’s what triggered filmmaker and then-bookseller Jason Rosette to document the lives of the street booksellers in Greenwich Village.


This is a documentary about direct-cinema from its very beginnings (Nanook of the North) to the fake-direct-cinema of the Blair Witch Project. All the important direct-cinema filmmakers are portrayed and/or interviewed: Leacock, Wiseman, Maysles, Pennebaker, Reisz and others.

Beyond Sensationalism

It is probably the weirdest home video you'll ever see. Ricardo Lopez, a troubled youth from Florida, made an extensive video diary preceding his suicide.

Resignation of modern times

First of all, this documentary is a real pleasure to watch. The camerawork is excellent and the music and soundtrack play a magnificent role for the pace and montage.

People who take soccer very, very seriously

It documents the realities of the game as perceived by soccer aficionados in Austria but also in the countries against which Austria played: Cameroon, Chile and Italy.

Personal journey explores the past, as it becomes the future

Peter's first film, Grandfathers and Revolutions, is a story about his own grandfather, András Hegedüs; the Prime Minister of Hungary who called in the Soviet troops to quash the Hungarian Revolution in 1956