Essays, commentaries and editorials on contemporary political questions (conflicts/peace, ecology/thinking, control/surveillance).

IDFA 2010: Multiple times in documentaries
(Jaffa, The Orange’s Clockwork | In clandestine)

Three documentaries show that history can be understood in terms of time periods of different duration: A single event such as an airship trip in 1929, a long running campaign to distort Palestinian history, or the memories of a father connected to world events.

MARK FRITH, DUAN JINCHUAN: bringing China to the West

Two British producers had a strong desire to bring Chinese directors to Europe to present China to Western audiences. They started out with a workshop in Beijing in 1999, which resulted in a four-part series entitled "Interesting Times", and which is being shown by a number of European broadcasters this spring. The production process demanded close cooperation to make the authentic Chinese voices fit Western TV reality. ULLA JACOBSEN talked to producer Mark Frith, Decameron Films, and director Duan Jinchuan.

POV: Including Vérité in Your Toolkit

These are auspicious times for the form/style/movement known as Cinéma Vérité. Herzog denounces it in favour of "ecstatic truth".

The Dream Island of Modernity

This year, Sir Thomas More’s Utopia marks its 500th anniversary. Modern Times takes this opportunity to celebrate this, still radical, great piece of work.

Revolution and Power

OCTOBER 1917: What can books and films tell us about the 1917 revolutions?

The Director’s Turn

Directors of documentaries are worried about staying up to date. Compared to their producer colleagues, they are offered very few opportunities for further professional training in the form of courses and workshops.

STEPS FOR THE FUTURE: Initiative With Impact

The "Steps for the Future" doc collection was established to take an innovative approach to addressing the serious HIV/AIDS problems in Southern Africa. A recently completed ‘Steps Impact Study’ and a new doc film take a closer look at the actual effect of the collection.

FAN HO: The roaming street photographer

The photographs of Chinese Fan Ho capture the lives, dreams and hard labour of individuals in an expanding metropolis.

Drifting in a sea of amiguity

According to Pirjo honkasalo: ”making the image is the documentary – the visual aesthetic is the essential part.” AS DOX’s Pamela Cohn comments, she is attached to the logic of the dream, and trusts the simple poetry of images.

More guns?

At one point in my life I considered buying a handgun.