Essays, commentaries and editorials on contemporary political questions (conflicts/peace, ecology/thinking, control/surveillance).

CRISTINA ARCHETTI: “Less Surveillance, More Humanity”

Why is monitoring presented as the solution to the terror threat?

VIKALP: an Alternative to Censorship

A group of Indian filmmakers created an alternative festival to the MIFF in twenty days on a shoestring budget. The festival evolved from a protest action into a huge success and a celebration of diversity and committed filmmaking.

IDFA 2009: Any possible social impact?

Documentary’s effects span from long views of history to intimate life. A movie may rewrite the past through the present, or a documentary may modify perceptions of the mass media. The following soliloquies and monologues from this year’s IDFA provide a summary of documentary’s capacity, or inability, to enable change.

When societies get militarised

Most people expect their government to provide them with a safe society, where one doesn’t have to live in fear of dangers, enemies and refugees.

NEIGHBOURHOOD STORIES ON ARTE: The Town, My Neighbourhood and I

Arte has dedicated a theme evening to five short documentaries made by well-known directors from five different countries. They were all asked to tell about themselves and where they live. The filmmakers were asked to frame their neighbourhood, its atmosphere, buildings, people and history, and they were urged to be personal. TUE STEEN MÜLLER comments on this new collection of neighbourhood films.

DEMOCRACY PROJECT: An Interesting, Nerve-racking Experiment

The prestigious Democracy Project was launched more than two years ago and has been heavily promoted at documentary events around the world. The project since then has been in the dark for a while

Always on the outside
(Secrets Of The Tribe | The erotic man)

Is anthropology to blame?

A female role model

A new year, new opportunities. 17 years ago, Charlotte Horton left the UK for Italy, where she’s devoted her time to restoring Potentino castle. We meet to discuss the ecological attitude to life, local traditions, democracy and micro-politics.

GOODPITCH: Where NGO meets documentary

Profit-chasing predatory logging of the Brazilian rainforest, the pollution and changing living conditions of the Faroe Islands, and the violence of South-Sudan.

What it means to be found anywhere, anytime

Imagine having a package delivered to the exact office building, park location, or even couch you are sitting on. Pretty convenient, right?