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Chile showcases latest documentaries at Sunny Side of the Doc 2024

The 35th edition of Sunny Side of the Doc will once again see a strong representation from Chile. The event, running from 24 to 27 June, brings together global productions focused on forming industry partnerships. This year, two Chilean production companies, María Wood Producciones and Cábala Films, along with the initiative Chiledoc, are participating in promoting Chilean documentaries internationally. Chiledoc is dedicated to promoting the talents of Chilean documentary filmmakers and their films worldwide. The organization’s commitment lies in fostering the sector’s expansion through strategic promotion, network building, and promoting associative practices.

Highlighting Chile’s participation, the documentary Unwelcomed has been selected for the Impact Campaigns Pitch section. Directed by Amilcar Infante and Sebastián González, the film delves into the migratory crisis in northern Chile, depicting the stories of those affected by a major anti-immigrant demonstration.

María Wood Producciones presents Chile: An American Secret, directed by Orlando Arriagada, María Elena Wood, and Patricio Pereira. This documentary follows an ordinary man’s quest for justice, exploring the dark history of US support for a Chilean dictator.

Cábala Producciones introduces two compelling projects: Not One Less, addressing gender violence in Latin America#, and The Lost Civilization of the Amazon, which investigates the mysteries of ancient Amazonian civilizations, revealing migrations and extinctions dating back over 12,000 years.

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