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CPH:DOX embraces «Body Politics» as 2024 theme

CPH:DOX unveils its 21st edition from 13 to 24 March, 2024, under the compelling theme «Body Politics.» This edition scrutinises the body as a site of struggle, exploring themes of fertility, discrimination, ableism, and trauma.

The festival confronts pivotal questions: What is the «normal» body, and how does society accommodate or sideline bodies outside this norm? These inquiries resonate through the festival’s films, debates, and events, emphasising the body’s centrality in contemporary discourse.

This year’s highlight is the newly introduced cinema at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, a testament to CPH:DOX’s dedication to accessibility. The SOCIAL:CINEMA stands out with its universal design. Its scaffold structures and customised furniture ensure that every guest, regardless of mobility, is welcomed.

The festival’s thematic focus culminates in three special days dedicated to «Body Politics,» each spotlighting society, science, and art. Moreover, Caspar Eric’s manifesto about disabled bodies at SOCIAL:CINEMA underscores the festival’s commitment to inclusivity.

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