Out of 104 applications from 50 countries, dok.incubator has chosen 8 films and their teams selected for the 2020 workshop. The select filmmakers will have the opportunity to work on their documentary films through the support of over20 internationally established producers, editors, and sales agents across a 6-month span.

The 2020 dok.incubator films

  • Clouds [Director: Tuija Halttunen, Producer: Niina Virtanen] – Finland
  • Life of Ivanna [Director: Renato Borrayo Serrano, Producer: Vlad Ketkovich] – Russia, Norway, Finland
  • We Are Inside [Director: Farah Kassem, Producer: Cynthia Choucair] – Lebanon
  • Diagnonsense [Director: Ane-Martha Tamnes Hansgård, Producers: Andrew Grant, Øyvind Nyborg Gregersen] – Norway
  • The Labudovic Reels [Director: Mila Turajlic, Producers: Carine Chichkowsky, Mila Turajlic] – Russia, France, Qatar, Montenegro, Croatia
  • Brotherhood [Director: Francesco Montagner, Producer: Pavla Janoušková Kubečková] – Czechia, Italy
  • The Pawnshop [Director: Lukasz Kowalski, Producer: Anna Mazerant] – Poland
  • Unititled Turkey Project [Producer: Florian Schewe] – Denmark

*Featured Image: Diagnonsense, a film by Ane-Martha Tamnes Hansgård