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Echoes of Ji.hlava continues to Romania, Poland, and USA

The Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival, a pivotal event celebrating non-fiction cinematic work, has expanded its horizon far beyond its Czech borders. Renowned for spotlighting compelling documentaries and fostering discussions on urgent global issues, the festival’s 27th edition reverberates through its ‘Echoes’—a series of international screenings and events showcasing last year’s award-winning films.

As part of the Echoes, the twelfth iteration in Belgium was inaugurated at the European Parliament. The opening film, Marta Kovářová’s The World According to My Dad, explores the quest for climate justice. This film, a winner of the Ji.hlava Online Audience Award, also featured a post-screening dialogue with Kovářová and her father, the film’s protagonist. Štěpán Pech’s debut You Will Never See It All, recognized for the Best Debut at Ji.hlava, also continued to spark conversations, celebrating the legacy of conceptual artist Ján Mančuška. The Belgian edition offered a broader glimpse into the documentary scene with films like Ivan Ostrochovsky’s The Goat and included masterclasses from notable directors, such as Lucie Rosenfeldová.

The festival’s international outreach will further extend to Romania, Poland, and the USA, where Ji.hlava will maintain its partnership with esteemed institutions like the Maysles Documentary Center and Union Docs. In Romania, four films from the Ji.hlava programme will be presented, and the audience can also look forward to directors’ workshops at the Bucharest’s UNATC film school. In Serbia, the Beldocs IDFF will feature a curated selection of Ji.hlava’s Czech documentaries, including acclaimed titles such as Czech Dream and The Sound in Innocent.

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