FIFDH announces 16 projects for 2023 Impact Days

    Out of 110 international documentary submissions, 16 projects have been selected for the 2023 FIFDH Impact Days. With topics ranging from human trafficking in Bangladesh to asylum procedures in Switzerland to Indigenous rights in Jordan, from child soldiers in Yemen to reproductive rights in the Dominican Republic, topics of relevance across the world are represented.

    Selected teams will develop their impact campaigns through the FIFDH Impact Lab and will be connected with strategic impact partners during the 13-14 March 2023 Impact Days in Geneva.

    Impact Days 2023 projects

    • Concrete Land (dir. Asmahan Bkerat) – Jordan
    • Ghost Boat (dir. Kauser Haider, Tanim Yousuf) – Bangladesh, USA
    • Hidden Letters (dir. Violet Du Feng) – China, USa, Norway
    • Land of Women (dir. Ayman El Amir, Nada Riyadh) – Egypt, France, Denmark
    • Let’s play soldiers (dir. Mariam Al-Dhubhani) – Yemen
    • Life is beautiful (dir. Kristine Ann Skaret) – Palestine, Norway
    • My name is Happy (dir. Nick Read, Ayse Toprak) – Turkey, UK
    • New Boats (dir. Lansana Mansaray) – Sierra Leone, South Africa
    • Scarlet girls (dir. Paula Cury) – Dominican Republic, Germany
    • SHE (dir. Parsifal Reparato) – Italy, France
    • Songs of sisterhood (dir. Nobis Hanna) – Switzerland
    • The Dusk of the Amazon (dir. Alvaro Sarmiento) Peru, Colombia
    • The Hearing (dir. Lisa Gerig) – Switzerland
    • The Woman Who Poked The Leopard (dir. Patience Nitumwesiga) – Uganda, South Africa, Germany
    • Untying the knot (dir. Chona Mangalindan) – Philippines, UK
    • Zadvengers (dir. Simon David, Svetlana Holzner) – Switzerland

    Find more information on the selected projectsHERE

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