FIFDH Geneva announces full programme for 19th festival edition

    The International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights (FIFDH) has announced the full program for their 19th edition, 5 – 14 March 2021. Across the human rights festival’s extensive programme (more to follow) are included three documentary film sections, two competitions and one non-competitive. Here, find the complete FIFDH Documentary selections. Find more information – HERE

    Competition – Creative Documentary

    • Coronation (dir. Ai Weiwei) – Germany, China
    • Dear Future Children (dir. Franz Böhm) – Germany, Austria, United Kingdom
    • Downstream to Kinshasa (dir. Dieudo Hamadi) – The Democratic Republic of the Congo, France, Belgium
    • Notturno (dir. Gianfranco Rosi) – Italy, Germany, France
    • The New Gospel (dir. Milo Rau) – Switzerland, Germany
    • Once Upon a Time in Venezuela (dir. Anabel Rodríguez Ríos) – Venezuela, United Kingdom, Austria, Brazil
    • Shadow Game (dir. Eefje Blankevoort and Els van Driel) – The Netherlands
    • This Rain Will Never Stop (dir. Alina Gorlova) – Ukraine, Latvia, Germany, Qatar

    Competition – Grand Reportage

    • Coded Bias (dir. Shalini Kantayya) – USA, United Kingdom, China
    • De La Cuisine Au Parlement (dir. Stéphane Goël) Switzerland
    • Her Mothers (dir. Asia Dér and Sári Haragonics) – Hungary
    • Influence (dir. Diana Neille and Richard Poplak) – South Africa, Canada
    • Pandémie: la révolte des citoyens contre l’État (dir. Matteo Born and Françoise Weilhammer) – Switzerland
    • Vieillir enfermés (dir. Éric Guéret) – France
    • White Noise (dir. Daniel Lombroso) – USA

    Out of Competition – Creative Documentary

    • Beijing Spring (dir. Andy Cohen and Gaylen Ross) – USA, France, United Kingdom
    • Binti (dir. Frederike Migom) – Belgium, The Netherlands
    • Call Me Intern (dir. Leo David Hyde and Nathalie Berger) – Switzerland, New Zealand
    • Coup 53 (dir. Taghi Amirani) – United Kingdom, Iran, USA
    • Marchands de sommeil, les nouveaux profiteurs de la précarité (dir. Gabriel Tejedor and Antoine Harari) – Switzerland
    • Radio Silence (dir. Juliana Fanjul) – Switzerland, Mexico
    • Taïwan vs, China: A Fragile Democracy (dir. Alain Lewkowicz) – France
    • White Cube (dir. Renzo Martens) – The Netherlands, Belgium, Democratic Republic of the Congo
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