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Filmmaker Avi Mograbi, essayist Ramón Andrés among first 2023 MajorDocs guests

The fifth MajorDocs edition, a creative documentary film festival scheduled for October 3-7 in Mallorca, will feature Avi Mograbi (Tel Aviv, 1956) as the guest of honour. Mograbi, renowned as a significant non-fiction filmmaker in Israel and the Middle East, will open the festival with one of his films, conduct a masterclass on the creative process, and lead the jury.

Mograbi’s films, recognized for blending experimentation, identity, politics, and memory, have screened at Cannes, Berlinale, Venice Film Festival, and beyond.

MajorDocs, embracing the «fight against time» theme, champions a slow philosophy. Miguel Eek, the festival’s Artistic Director, emphasises bridging reality and cinema through contemplation and interaction over five days.

One of the conferences that took place in last edition of MajorDocs; PC: Oscar Fernández Orengo

Conversations between Miguel Eek and essayist Ramón Andrés (Pamplona, 1955) will further explore the concept of slowness.

MajorDocs Pro sessions will focus on «Montage as Writing» this year, spotlighting editing’s creative role in documentaries. Notably, editor Sylvie Gadmer will lead a masterclass on editing’s pivotal phase.

Docsessions will delve into creative processes, particularly editing and writing. MajorDocsPitch returns, providing a platform for presenting projects to industry professionals.

The EDUCA program will offer secondary and university students opportunities to engage with cinema for reflection and dialogue, screening four documentaries from the festival lineup for free.

For more information, visit, with additional details to be revealed at a mid-September press conference.

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