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FIPADOC 2023: the complete winners

As the fifth FIPADOC comes to an end, the full winner’s list from across competitive sections has now been announced. The announcement comes after Friday’s Industry Days Awards announcement.

FIPADOC 2023 winners

  • International Documentary: Crowds Are White (dir. Ahsen Nadeem) – USA
  • French Documentart: Seeds of Hunger – Ukraine 1933 (dir. Guillaume Ribot) – France
  • Musical Documentary: North Circle (dir. Luke McManus) – Ireland
  • Finite: The Climate of Change (dir. Rich Felgate) – UK
  • Autisme: The Little Ghost Hunter (dir. Laurent Kouchner & Mickaël Mahut) – France
  • Smart Award: The Man Who Copuldn’t Leave (dir. Singing Chen) – Taiwan
  • Digital Storytelling: 21-22 China (dir. Thierry Loa) – Canada
  • Short Film: Savage (dir. Léonore Mercier) – France
  • New Talent: Last Call (dir. Noah Cohen) – France
  • Tënk Award: The Silence of the Banana Trees (dir. Eneos Carka) – Hungary, Belgium, Portugal, Albania
  • European Stories: Too Close (dir. Botond Püsok) – Hungary, Romania
  • Mitrani Award: Silent House (dir. Farnaz Jurabchian & Mohammadreza Jurabchian) – Iran, France, Canada, Philippines, Qatar
  • Cine Award: A Holy Family (dir. Elvis A-Liang Lu) – France, Taiwan
  • PFDM Award: The Ghosts of Oil (dir. Audrey Gloaguen) – France
  • Prix Coup de cœur dans les murs: Sankara (dir. Yohan Malka) – France

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