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FIPADOC asks «Is This How People Live?» at 2024 festival

From 19th to 27th January, Biarritz will become the focal point of documentary storytelling with the 6th edition of Fipadoc. This year, the festival surpasses previous offerings, presenting an impressive lineup of over 140 films, including 25 short films and 5 documentary series, alongside 19 digital experiences. All exist under the 2024 festival theme, «Is This How People Live?»

The festival’s expansive film selection spans a multitude of genres and styles. From intimate character studies to expansive historical narratives, the films at Fipadoc explore a wide range of subjects. This includes explorations of urban and rural lifestyles, cultural dynamics, scientific advancements, and significant social issues. The selection boasts a global perspective, featuring works from across Europe, Asia, and Africa. /p>

Among the notable features this year, the «Biarritz Immersive» program is set to captivate audiences with Noire, a powerful augmented reality experience that transports viewers to the segregated South of the United States. This program, along with others, exemplifies Fipadoc’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional documentary storytelling.

The festival also spotlights specific regions and themes. The «Stories from Europe» and «African Stories» selections focus on the narratives from these continents, offering insights into their unique challenges and beauties. The introduction of the Sacem Original Music Award highlights the role of music in enhancing documentary narratives, acknowledging the composers who bring these stories to life.

Additionally, «Olympiadocs» aligns with the Olympic and Paralympic year, showcasing sports documentaries that delve into the lives and challenges of athletes. The documentary series selection, a new addition since 2023, allows for a deeper exploration of topics, presented in episodic format for a comprehensive viewing experience.

Fipadoc’s «Focus 2024» on Italy brings a special emphasis to Italian documentary filmmaking, showcasing the country’s rich cultural and historical narratives through a curated selection of films.

Find more information on the complete FIPADOC 2024 programmeHERE

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