Sarajevo Film Festival 2024

IceDocs announces full 2024 festival programme

The IceDocs – Iceland Documentary Film Festival is set to return for its sixth edition from 17 to 21 July. The festival will be hosted in the picturesque fishing town of Akranes, located just a 40-minute drive from Reykjavik. Framed by majestic mountains and long sandy beaches, Akranes provides a stunning backdrop for this celebration of documentary filmmaking.

The festival promises an array of activities beyond film screenings, including a music programme, pub quizzes, beach parties, industry events, and a dedicated youth and children’s programme. This year’s lineup aims to introduce quality documentaries to both local audiences and international visitors, fostering connections among filmmakers and industry professionals from around the world.

Documentary Highlights

  • Balomania by Sissel Morrell Dargis (Denmark, Spain, 2023) explores the underground culture of hot air balloon enthusiasts in Brazil’s favelas, who face legal risks and personal sacrifices for their passion.
  • Hollywoodgate by Ibrahim Nash’at (Germany, USA, 2024) delves into the aftermath of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, offering a rare glimpse into the Taliban’s world as they take control of abandoned American resources.
  • Forest by Lidia Duda (Czech Republic, Poland, 2024) follows a Polish family on the edge of Europe’s oldest forest, grappling with the humanitarian crisis at the EU border. This film won the Best Film at Thessaloniki this year.
  • When the Mountain Roars by Daniel Bjarnason (Iceland, 2024) revisits the 1995 avalanche disaster in Súðavík, weaving together the personal stories of three survivors. The film recently won the Audience Award at the Skjaldborg Icelandic Documentary Festival.
  • Body by Petra Seliškar (Slovenia, North Macedonia, Croatia, 2023) chronicles 20 years in the life of Urška, a former fashion model turned pianist, battling rare autoimmune diseases. It won Best Slovenian Film at the Slovenian Film Awards.
  • Heartist by Marianna Mørkøre and Beinta á Torkilsheyggi (Faroe Islands, 2024) profiles the life and work of contemporary painter Sigrun Gunnarsdóttir, offering insight into her artistic vision and personal journey.
  • The Stimming Pool by Benjamin Brown et al. (England, 2024) is an experimental hybrid feature exploring neurodivergent experiences through a collective creative process.
  • The Last Year of Darkness by Ben Mullinkosson (China, USA, 2023) captures the vibrant underground club scene in Chengdu, China, amidst rapid urban development.
    • The festival also includes a youth program with a documentary-making seminar for children aged 8-12 and a separate program for teenagers. The seminar is led by independent filmmaker and educator Hallur Örn Árnasson.

      On Thursday night, comedian and columnist Stefán Ingvar Vigfússon will perform stand-up comedy in English, and on Friday night, DJ SERO will spin an eclectic mix of Balkan tunes for a night of dancing and celebration.

      Find the full programme, tickets, and more informationHERE

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