The power of celluloid, rediscovered

    FEMININITY: A marvellous representation of feminine resilience in a hostile masculine world.

    «Cinema has shown an image of women from a male perspective that is completely fake» says Chantal Akerman in one of her films. Filmmakers of today are rapidly changing this. Documentarists have a particularly significant role in the process because they have the power to provide a more appropriate perspective and to uncover aspects of femininity and the destinies of women that would otherwise remain obscured. They can change the way women are represented and bring about new knowledge about them. The Italian artists Tiziano Doria and Samira Guadagnuolo, the filmmaking couple known as Warshadfilm, connect the search for new knowledge with the very materiality of the film medium and its capacity to improve human vision. Their first mid-length film La zita brings an amazingly raw and touching portrait of four generations of women living in an abandoned angle of the Italian countryside, an allegory of feminine resistance and quest for love.

    [Documentarists] can change the way women are represented and bring about new knowledge about them.

    Synthesis and analysis

    The capacity to improve human vision was built into the film medium from the start as an intrinsic part of the complex net of inventions that led to the cinema . . .

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    Melita Zajc
    Our regular contributor. Zajc is a media anthropologist and philosopher.
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