MajorDocs returns to Mallorca for 3rd annual slow documentary festival experience

    Mallorca’s MajorDocs returns for another radical proposal in the festival scene: cinema of the real, creative processes, and slowness.

    MajorDocs invites viewers to slow down and dive deeper into the works and their auteurs. This slow documentary film festival will be held from 5 to 9 of October in Mallorca and set to recovering two key values of Mallorca and the Mediterranean: tranquillity and dialogue. The first slow documentary film festival will be held this year from 5th to 9th of October. This year’s another eight films will be selected to screen. Each screening will be a unique event, in which the audience will be able to converse with the filmmakers. The films have been chosen due to their profound gaze and ability to transport viewers to other realities and connect them to their own sensitivities.

    MajorDocs 2021 selections

    • A Way Home (dir. Karima Saïdi) – Morocco, Belgium
    • Le Temps Perdu (dir. María Álvarez) -Argentina
    • Fantasia (dir. Aitor Merino) – Spain
    • Spliters (dir. Natalia Garayalde) – Argentina
    • Native Rock (dir. Macià Florit) – Spain
    • Taming the Garden (dir. Salomé Jashi) – Switzerland, Germany, Georgia
    • The Earth is Blue as an Orange (dir. Iryna Tsilyk) – Ulraine, Lithuania
    • There Will Be No More Night (dir. Éléonore Weber) – France

    Additionally, Lithuanian filmmaker, Audrius Stonys, will be the guest of honour. His film Woman and the Glacier will open the Festival.

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    SLAVERY: Let's Say Revolution (dir: Elisabeth Perceval, …)Eternal human tales of suffering told as a shamanic journey.
    MEDIA: Bottled Songs 1-4 (dir: Chloé Galibert-Laîné, …)Terrorism, film and propaganda: how ISIS adopted Western means of reaching an international audience.
    URBANISATION: Nest (dir: Josefina Pérez-García, …)As humans relentlessly transform landscapes to their needs, the question looms: is peaceful coexistence with other species attainable?
    JOURNALISM: F@ck This Job (dir: Vera Krichevskaya)The story of Russia's last national independent TV news station.
    AGEING: Le temps perdu (dir: Maria Alvarez)What can a group of retirees engaged in leisurely hours reading Proust have to tell us about the world we live in today?
    ART: You Can't Show My Face (dir: Knutte Wester)Rejected by society on its government controlled streets, anonymous rappers seek the sounds of Tehran for both production and inspiration.
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