Makedox 2022: the complete winners

    The 13th MakeDox Creative Documentary festival has concluded as an in-person event in Skopje. Having been held from 18 to 25 August, Makedox offered five awards across its programme. At the event, the big winner was Natasa Urban’s The Eclipse, which won its Onion Award for best film in the main competition. The jury was made up of documentary director John Appel, producer Jana Cisar, and critic (and Modern Times Review contributor) Carmen Gray.

    Makedox 2022 winners

    • Onion Main Award: The Eclipse (dir. Natasa Urban)
    • Special Mention (Onion Award): Disturbed Earth (dir. Kumjana Novakova, Guillermo Carreras-Candi)
    • Moral Approach Award: A House Made of Splinters (dir. Simon Lereng Wilmont)
    • Young Onion Award: Brotherhood (dir. Francesco Montagner)
    • Special Mention (Young Onion): Invisible Demons (dir. Rahul Jain)
    • Sliced Onion: Babajanja (dir. Ante Zlatka Stolice)
    • Special Mention (Sliced Onion): I Am Trying to Remember (dir. Pegah Ahangarani) & In Flow of Words (dir. Eliane Esther Bots)
    • Onion Seed Award: My Uncle Tudor (dir. Olga Lucovnicova)
    • Special Mention (Onion Seed): Herd (dir. Omer Daida)

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